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Not to be confused with Titles.

Achievements are various goals in Mineplex typically associated with a specific game. While acquiring an achievement is not necessary to finish or even win a game, doing so usually awards the player a sum of Gems, Cosmetics, and/or in-game bonuses like Achievement Kits. Achievements were first added on October 17, 2014.

Achievement progress can be viewed using /stats or by clicking the Statistics & Achievements head in the Lobby.

Holiday achievements[]

Holiday achievements can only be earned during Events and become permanently unobtainable once said Event ends.

Achievement Description Reward
2015 Pumpkin Smasher Smash 200 Flaming Pumpkins, during Halloween 2015! 4000 Gems
2015 Present Hoarder Open 200 Christmas Presents, during Christmas 2015! 4000 Gems
2016 Gift Giver Give 3 Valentines Gifts during Valentines 2016! None
2016 People Love Me Receive 10 Gifts during Valentines 2016! 2000 Gems
2016 Chicken Chaser Catch 200 Thanksgiving Chickens, during Thanksgiving 2016! 4000 Gems
2017 Egg Hunter Find 35 Easter Egg Baskets, during Easter 2017 4000 Gems
2017 Alien Hub Defender Kill 300 Aliens in the Lobby, during the Alien Invasion event 4000 Gems
2017 Pumpkin Smasher Smash 200 Flaming Pumpkins, during Halloween 2017! 8000 Mineplex XP
Christmas Present Hunt 2019 Find all 30 hidden presents in the 2019 Christmas Hub! Unknown
Christmas Advent Calendar 2019 Complete all 25 challenges in the 2019 Advent calendar! 4000 Gems

Long-term achievements[]

Several achievement-related progression systems exist in Mineplex that are not limited to a single game, featuring ongoing and repeatable objectives that require greater investment on the part of the player to fully master.

Mineplex Level[]

See also: Level Rewards
Mineplex Level

An example of the Mineplex Level.

A Mineplex Level is a quantified representation of how far a player has advanced in terms of gameplay or how long they have participated in server activities. Players can earn experience points to increase their Mineplex Level simply by playing games, completing Mineplex Missions, or getting them directly from Carl the Creeper.

The Mineplex Level is located to the left of the player's username in the server chat, in the form of a number with variable color schemes; a new color is unlocked every 20 Levels. Originally, players were forced into a new color after passing a Level threshold, with no option to revert to a previous hue. However, with the Level Rewards update on February 15, 2018, players are now able to select all Level colors they have already unlocked.

Level colors
Level Color
0-19 Grey
20-39 Blue
40-59 Green
60-79 Yellow
80-99 Red
100 All colors unlocked

Players with access to the statistics commands can also modify their Level to be negative.


Main article: Titles

Titles, also called sub-ranks on the Mineplex homepage, are achievements that, once obtained, reward the player with a certain humorous piece of text that they can display above their avatar along with their username. Titles can be earned by playing certain games, using certain Gadgets, or subscribing to the Power Play Club, all of which contribute points towards a respective Title track. Once enough points have been earned, the corresponding Title unlocks.

Gem Hunter[]

Not to be confused with Gem Hunters.

Gem Hunter increases the amount of Gems players earn from games by 25% per level. Players can increase their Gem Hunter level by simply playing games and earning Gems. Each Gem earned counts toward the achievement, with the exception of Gems already amplified by previously-obtained Gem Hunter levels.

Multiplier amount
Level Gem multiplier
1 1.25x
2 1.50x
3 1.75x
4 2.00x
5 2.25x
6 2.50x
7 2.75x
8 3.00x
9 3.25x
10 3.50x
11 3.75x
12 4.00x


Main article: Updates

May 13th, 2015 - UHC Update[]

  • Mineplex Levels revamped; easier to level up.

December 5th, 2014 - Little Update[]

  • New achievement move in Champions for the Brute.

November 21st, 2014 - Champions and Updates[]

  • Added achievement kits for Assassin, Ranger, Knight, and Mage classes in Champions.

November 7th, 2014 - Kits and Updates[]

October 24th, 2014 - Pumpkins, Kits, Maps[]

October 17th, 2014 - Halloween[]

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