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This minigame is limited to Mineplex Player Servers.
The reason why is unknown.

You have been captured by Aliens! Parkour your way to end. Use the Paintball Gun to kill Aliens. Watch out for UFOs!

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Alien Invasion is a Holiday minigame on Mineplex that was released on May 25, 2017. In Alien Invasion, players have to complete a parkour while being attacked from Aliens and UFOs. The game features elements similar to Dragon Escape and Super Paintball.

Although currently unconfirmed, it was most likely created due to the 40th anniversary of the film series Star Wars as a part of the Alien Invasion Event.

Aim of the game[]

Finish the parkour to win. If everyone died, the player who could get the farthest will win. The second and third place rewards are given out to the players directly behind the winner.


There is only one team, which is the Players team. All players automatically join this team.

All players receive a Super Snow Blaster 3000, which is able to shoot snowballs at high speeds. This weapon is similar to the Machine Gun kit from Super Paintball, with a recharge time of 0.25 seconds.

Players start at one side of the map. When the game begins, players have to parkour through the alien colony without falling down. If needed, players are able to use the Leap ability in order to save themselves or to get to a place. Along their way are also aliens, who will attempt to shoot the players or punch them off the map.

All players are given a 40 second invisibility effect at the start to prevent their sight from being blocked.


Aliens are spawning at some places on the map, some are flying, others are walking around on the parkour parts.

The flying aliens are moving around their spawn. They are able to shoot snowballs just like the players (however, their rate of fire is greatly decreased), while trying to target the first player they detect. If that player gets out of their range, they will search their next target. The snowballs deal 3 damage each to the players.

The other type will stand still until someone comes near them. They have no items equipped but are dealing 3 melee damage once they hit players. Since they are slower and their movement is more predictable, they are easier to kill.


UFO firing

An UFO firing its missile towards a part of the map

On the map, multiple UFOs are spread out, forcing the players to continue running as a replacement for Douglas the Dragon from Dragon Escape. They are shooting beams at the parkour, causing a large explosion. The map will be partially destroyed, and everyone near the explosion will die.


Instead of sorting the players from top to bottom like in Dragon Escape, the best players are listed as first players. The scoreboard also shows the last waypoint passed instead of displaying the current place, this may be unwanted though.

Chat Statistics[]

Unlike in Dragon Escape, Chat Statistics have not been added.


The game lobbies are only accessible by walking into an UFO's beam in the hub.



Kit Name Representation Availability Perks Items
Player Skeleton holding diamond horse armour Free
  • Leap – Double-jump to use – Recharge of 10 seconds
  • Super Snow Blaster 3000 (Diamond horse armour)


Gem Rewards[]

  • 10 Gems per Alien hit with Blaster
  • Map Progress – up to 116 Gems

Shard Rewards[]



  • You are given a special title, Alien Invasion 2017, on first completion of the map, along with an Omega Chest


  • The scoreboard shows the last waypoint passed instead of the player's place
  • When Aliens are killed they are dropping Experience Points


Starting the minigame[]

When trying to connect using /server:
Kicked whilst connecting to UFO-#: You must join by finding an UFO!

When the minigame is starting:
Game> Double Tap Space to use your double jump!

When the hub is being attacked (title appears):
Aliens Are Invading
Defend the Hub!

Death reasons[]

When killed by a flying Alien:
Death> Player killed by Blaster

When killed by a UFO:
Death> Player killed by Photon Torpedo

Beating the minigame[]

When receiving the rewards for beating the minigame:
Game> Unlocked Alien Invasion Title!
Game> Unlocked 1 Omega Chest.


  • Alien Invasion was the first minigame not always accessible. At release, players had to find one random lobby which teleported to the game every 2 hours.
  • This game was re-released as a limited game on September 9, 2019 as part of the Area 51 raid event.


May 27th, 2017[]

  • [Changed] Gem Reward for hitting an Alien reduced (30 per hit → 10 per hit)
  • [Changed] Experience loot decreased (up to 6000 → up to 5000)
  • [Fixed] Omega Chests now rewarded correctly

May 26th, 2017[]

  • [Added] Ability notice at the start of a game
  • [Added] All players start with a 40 second invisiblity effect
  • [Added] Gem/Shard Rewards added
  • [Changed] Weapons and direct hits damage decreased (4 → 3)
  • [Changed] Hub updated again, UFO beam removed
  • [Changed] Standard Game Lobby replaced
  • [Changed] Experience loot increased (up to 80 → up to 6000)
  • [Changed] The minigame can now be entered in every lobby at any time and using /server

May 25th, 2017[]

  • [Added] Alien Escape released along with the map