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This minigame is unavailable.
The reason why is as follows: Nano Games. For the successor to this minigame, see Nano Games.
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Bawk Bawk Battles is an Arcade minigame on Mineplex, released on July 14, 2016. It is the sucessor to MineWare, in which players compete in over 30 different challenges.

Aim of the Game

Follow Bawk Bawk's Instructions. Complete different tasks. If you lose, chickens will devour you!


As stated above, Bawk Bawk Battles is the sucessor to the scrapped game MineWare, with some minor differences. The minigame is hosted by the NPC Bawk Bawk and his Chicken Minions, who attack the player if they run out of lives. Moreover, as MineWare took place in an open environment, Bawk Bawk Battles takes place in an enclosed arena

The Player Being Presented a challenge

that changes depending on the challenge. The challenges themselves are also different.

At the start of each challenge, Bawk Bawk will demand the challenge in the chat, giving the instructions for each challenge given. After three seconds, the player has a limited amount of time to complete the challenge. If they fail the challenge, or run out of time, they will loose one life. Unlike MineWare, this is not determined by who completes the challenge first. Once the player runs out of lives, they are teleported to an enclosed area overlooking the arena, where they are attacked by Chicken Minions. Spectating/Dead players appear as Baby Chickens, who cannot interfere with the map.


There are 30 challenges in Bawk Bawk Battles:

Challenge Image Description
Milk a Cow
Milk A Cow.png
Players must milk five different cows and deliver the milk to Farmer Joe. If they are sucessfull, they win.
Red Light, Green Light
2016-08-29 16.15.12.png
Fireworks will display certain colors determining when the player must move. If they reach the end before time runs out, they win.
Lava Run
Lava Run.png
Spawning as Magma Cubes, players must rush to the nearby Obsidian as the ground colapses, droping players into lava.
Fast Food
Fast Food.png
Players must throw away a supply of food in their inventory. If they clear it, they win.
Mini One In the Quiver
Mini OITQ.png
A minimized version of One In the Quiver, players are equiped with insta-kill arrows. If a player is killed, they lose.
Wave Crush
Wave Crush.png
Players must avoid waves of blocks that are quickly approaching them. If they are hit, they lose.
Punch a Pig
Punch a Pig.png
Players must run around punching a total of five pigs. If they fail to punch five pigs before time runs out, they lose.
Reverse Tag
Reverse Tag.png
Five Players spawn as a "sparkling player", in which other players are tasked with tagging these players and stealing their title. If a player is not sparkling after time runs out, they lose.
Kangaroo Jump
Kangaroo Jump.png
Players must jump up a series of randomly placed blocks using a super jump. The player with the greatest height wins.
Rush Push
Rush Push.png
Players spawn on two teams: Red and blue, with each trying to knock the other off the platform. The team that sucessfully pushes off the other team wins.
Deadly TNT
Deadly TNT.png
Players spawn with a batch of TNT, with the objective to blast other players off the arena. If a player falls off within the time limit, they lose.
Falling Blocks
Falling Blocks.png
After five seconds, a group of blocks will fall out of the sky. If the player is crushed by these blocks, they lose.
Build Race
Build Race.png
Similar to Fast Food, players spawn with an inventory full of blocks, and are tasked with placing all of these blocks. If they clear their inventory, they win.
Smash Off
Smash Off.png
Players spawn on various colored platforms, tasked with punching other players off. If they are punched off, they lose.
King of the Ladder
King of the Ladder.png
Players must climb to the top of a large pillar lined with ladders, and are allowed to push others off. If they fail to reach the top before time runs out, they lose.
Chicken Shoot
Chicken Shoot.png
Players must shoot eight chickens before time runs out.
Block Lobbers
Block Lobbers.png
Players spawn with an inventory of blocks, which can be thrown to knock other players out of the arena. If a player falls out of the arena, they lose.
Egg Smash
Egg Smash.png
Similar to Punch a Pig, players must smash ten eggs scattered across the map. If they are sucessfull, they win.
Bouncing Block
Bouncing Block.png
Players must jump off of bouncy wool to hit a total of ten colored wool blocks, loosing two points each time they land on red wool.
Arrow Rampage
Arrow Rampage.png
Players spawn with exploding arrows, which destroy the ground upon impact. If a player falls through the ground, they lose.
Anvil Dance
Anvil Dance.png
Similar to Falling Blocks, anvils will randomly fall from the sky. After each round, they will fly off the ground and land in another spot. Regardless, if a player is hit by an anvil, they lose.
Pick a Side
Pick A Side.png
Players must choose a side with the least players. The side with the most players loses.
Water Horror
Water Horror.png
Players spawn in boats, avoiding randomly generating TNT. if they are hit by TNT, they lose.
Treasure Digger
Treasure Digger.png
Players, equiped with shovels, must dig for weapons and items below the sand. If a player is killed, they lose.
Ore Run
Ore Run.png
Players must search among a ground made entirely of ores, searching for diamond ore. If they are sucessful, they win.
Diamond Hunt
Diamond Hunt.png
Similar to Ore Run, players must search among a group of chests, attempting to find a diamond within these chests. If thy are sucessful, they win.
Musical Minecart
Musical Minecart.png
Fireworks will flash red for about a minute, before flashing green. Following this, players must race to one of five minecarts. If they are sucessful, they win.
Color Change
Color Change.png
Players are presented with a randomly chosen color, and must stand on the respective color chosen. As after three seconds, the other colors will dissapear, leaving only platforms colored after the color chosen. If a player falls off, they lose.




Achievement Requirement Reward
Veteran Win 50 games of Bawk Bawk Battles 1000 Gems
Pinata Master Chicken Shoot - Shoot 500 chickens 1000 Gems
Surfs Up Wave Crush - Avoid 500 Waves 1000 Gems
Milk Man Milk a Cow - Deliver 300 Buckets of Milk. 600 Gems
Dragon King Egg Smash - Smash 300 Eggs 600 Gems
Pixel Ninja Falling Blocks - Dodge 100 waves of Blocks 200 Gems
Elite Archer Mini OITQ - Kill 100 Players 200 Gems
Tag Master Reverse Tag - Win five rounds without being untagged 500 Gems
Speedy Builders Build Race - Place all Blocks within 15 seconds. 500 Gems
Bouncing Shadow Bouncing Block - Win three rounds without landing on red wool 500 Gems