Block Hunt
The official logo for Block Hunt.
Minigame Type Intermediate
Status Available
Teams Team minigame
PvP PvP minigame
Official Release Date November 16th, 2013
Number of Players 24
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Grass block
Portal Representation Zombie Pigman with a Grass block
Server Tag BH-#

Block Hunt is a Classic minigame that was released to Mineplex on an unknown date. In Block Hunt, the Hiders have to change into various blocks or animals and hide, while the Hunters have to seek hiders and find them all.

Aim of the GameEdit

Hiders - Stay hidden and alive for as long as you can!

Hunters - Find and kill all the hiders!

The Hiders win if at least one Hider is alive at the end of the time limit.

The Hunters win once they kill all hiders.

Forenote about hackersEdit

It is very difficult to report someone for hacking if they are a hider; their nameplate and skin are hidden. The best way is to film them, and kill them (or get killed by them). This way, the staff will be able to see that as the hacker dies (or as you die), their name shows up in the chat. (Eg. "[Hacker's Player Name] killed you" or "You were killed by [Hacker's Player Name]" Of course, if they are flying, it will be nigh on impossible to catch them (Unless you have good archery skills). Instead, see if you can see them flying in the lobby.

Another way is to use the /server command to know which server you are on, go to /hub and then return to the server again using /server name. Then you will join as a spectator and can use the compass to see the name of a nearby player.

How to PlayEdit

Hiders - You have 30 seconds (10 seconds game start and 20 seconds "time to hide") to find a suitable space to settle down. Provided that the space is valid (eg, not half slabs), your experience bar will fill up, and when it is full, you become fully integrated with the map. It is not necessary to crouch. If you move off your block which you were hiding on you will become an "out of place" block again. You are able to turn into both blocks and mobs. Note: flower pots are commonly used as they appear to be very small when you look at them. However be aware that there hitbox is actually the size of a normal block, meaning that the pot is no better than the other blocks (except it is a bit more sneaky when you hide). If you want to have an aggressive play style, chickens are the best disguise to use as they have a very small hitbox and therefore are difficult to hit.

List of blocks Hiders can become: Melon, Hay Bale, Tnt, Flower Pot, Cake, Bookcase, Furnace, Anvil, Cauldron, pumpkin, noteblock, piston, enchanting table, jukebox and daylight sensor. These blocks are not present on all the maps.

The newer maps can have exclusive blocks in which hiders can morph!

Hiders can disguise as any mob that is within the map (usually chickens, pigs, cows, and sheep).

Hunters - When the 30 second hiding time has run up, the seekers will be released. Try to find as many hiders as you can! A lot of hiders at the start of the game will camp out on rooftops, in order to stop the hunters from reaching land or simply to be more aggressive in their defence. See the Kits and Tactics page for how to spot hiders!

Game Rejoining - Hiders and Hunters can rejoin the game while it is in progress. If they crash or disconnect from the server entirely while hiding or hunting (You have to leave the Mineplex network. Using /hub or /server will not work). You have a message in chat that you can rejoin the blockh unt server. You will rejoin as a hunter. Note this does not work if you were kicked by GWEN or if you were spectating the game. (Fun fact! This feature originally evolved from UHC and has spread to other games ever since!)


Maps in rotation Edit

Unavailable/Removed Edit

"Mirkwood" by Pyxll_ was removed due to poor gameplay reasons (the map being a small island was too easy for hunters).

"Cave Theme" by ImposterK was introduced on April 1st, 2019 as an April Fools joke. The map was extremely small and extremely bad for hiding. The map was quickly removed after the event.


Here is a list of all available kits.

Hunter Kits Edit

Leaper Hunter (Block Hunt)Edit

NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Iron Axe Iron Armor Zombie Leap (Ability) Iron Axe (grid) Iron Axe
Enchanted Bow Bow (Infinity)
Arrow Arrow
Iron Helmet (grid) Iron Helmet
Iron Chestplate (grid) Iron Chestplate
Iron Leggings (grid) Iron Leggings
Iron Boots (grid) Iron Boots
Free kit Regular statistics
Kit Description: Leap after those pretty blocks!

TNT Hunter (Block Hunt)Edit

NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
TNT hunter npc (Block Hunt) Throw TNT (Ability) Iron Sword (grid) Iron Sword
Enchanted Bow Bow (Infinity)
Arrow Arrow
Gold helmet Gold Helmet
Golden Chestplate (grid) Gold Chestplate
Golden Leggings (grid) Gold Leggings
Golden Boots (grid) Gold Boots
2000 Gems Regular statistics
Kit Description: Throw TNT to flush out the hiders!

Radar Hunter (Block Hunt)Edit

NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Radar Hunt BH Radar Scanner (Ability) Wood sword Wooden Sword
Enchanted Bow Bow (Infinity)
Arrow Arrow
Compass Compass
Chain Helmet (grid) Chainmail Helmet
Chain Chestplate (grid) Chainmail Chestplate
Chain Leggings (grid) Chainmail Leggings
Chain Boots (grid) Chainmail Boots
5000 Gems Regular statistics
Kit Description: tick......tick...tick.tick.

Hider Kits Edit

All hiders start with either a magma cream (infestor) or a slime ball (all the others) in their hotbar. 10 seconds later, they will receive:

Axe BH

A (wooden) speed axe that can be upgraded to a (stone) super axe that can be upgraded to an (iron) ultra axe that can be upgraded to a (diamond) hyper axe. Right click the axe to get a speed and regeneration boost (NB: the more you upgrade the axe, the better the boost).

An infinity bow with an arrow. Shoot hunters to upgrade your axe! (4 shots = +1 one upgrade)

A meowing ability (gives +0,25 gems per use, infinite use).

5 fireworks (gives +2 gems per firework launch)


Swapper Hider (Block Hunt)Edit

NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Slime Change Form (Ability) Slimeball Slimeball
None Free kit Regular statistics
Kit Description: Can change form unlimited times!

Instant Hider (Block Hunt)Edit

NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Slime Change Form (Ability) + Instant hide (Ability Slimeball Slimeball
None 2000 Gems Regular statistics
Kit Description: Changes into solid blocks almost instantly!

Shocking Hider (Block Hunt)Edit

NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Slime Change Form (Ability) + Shocking strikes (Ability) Slimeball Slimeball
None 5000 Gems Regular statistics
Kit Description: Shock and stun seekers!

Infestor hider (Block Hunt)Edit

NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Slime Infest (Ability) Magma cream Magma Cream
None Achievement kit Regular statistics
Kit Description: Can instantly infest a target block. This is the only way you can hide.

Achievements Edit

The Blockiest Block - Win 50 games of Block Hunt as a Hider.

Hunter Killer - Kill 10 hunters in a single game.

Meow Meow Meow Meow - Meow 50 times in a single game. 

Hunter of the Year - Kill 7 hiders in a single game.

Bad Hider - Win as hider without disguising. (Meaning do not become a solid block for the whole game.)

History Edit

Nov. 16th, 2013 Edit

  • [Added] Added Block Hunt as an available mini-game on the Mineplex network.

Jan. 27th, 2018 Edit

  • [Added] Added a new map - 'The Museum'
  • [Added] Added a new map - 'Eclipse Town'
  • [Added] Added a new map - 'Vineyard Mills'

Mar. 3rd, 2018 Edit

  • [Added] Added a new map - 'Frozen Outpost'

Mar. 8th, 2018 Edit

  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where Block Hunt would attempt to morph you into a block when you walked over pressure plates or trampled crops.
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where some players in Block Hunt would not get put in adventure mode.

Apr. 12th, 2018 - Block Hunt Update Edit

  • [Changed] Hunters now have separated wins in the stats menu.
  • [Changed] Hunters can now win games.
  • [Removed] Removed Crafting tables from the starting block pool.
  • [Changed] Maps can now have custom blocks to hide as.
  • [Changed] Being forcibly moved to the Hunters team no longer counts as a death.
  • [Changed] The scoreboard now displays a more accurate time.
  • [Changed] Throwing TNT can now be thrown near the Hunters' spawn but does not cause block damage.
  • [Changed] Hiders now take suffocation damage if they hide inside the ground.
  • [Changed] Being "chosen" by lightning while infesting no longer makes the player invisible.
  • [Changed] Shocking effect is now removed on death.
  • [Changed] Adventure Mode is now consistently applied.
  • [Changed] Solidifying inside infested blocks no longer breaks things.
  • [Changed] Hiders' arrow velocities are now the same as Hunters'.
  • [Changed] Leaper Hunter is now holding the correct item.
  • [Changed] Hiders' block disguise now gets cleared after death
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where Hiders would be invisible under certain circumstances.
  • [Changed] You can now un-infest after infesting an animal.
  • [Changed] Infesting no longer causes you to be removed from the tab list.
  • [Changed] Doors can no longer be opened/closed by spectators.
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where the default kit would be set to a kit that was not unlocked by the player.
  • [Fixed] Resolved an issue where ghost blocks would remain after a player quits.
  • [Changed] Finishing the game as a Hunter now gives XP.

Apr. 20th, 2018 Edit

  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where hunters wouldn't be awarded gems for "Winning Team" in Block Hunt.

Apr. 21st, 2018 Edit

  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Cookie Town - Fixed various dark spots.

Apr. 29th, 2018 Edit

  • [Removed] Removed a duplicate of the 'Cookie Town' map.
  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Frozen Outpost - Lowered top border by 4 blocks.

May 11th, 2018 Edit

  • [Changed] Villagers/Morphs now have their pitched locked to prevent cheating with F3+B.

May 12th, 2018 Edit

  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Cookie Town - Filled in a hole at 17 2 -2.
  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Cookie Town - Filled in a hole at 6 8 88.
  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Cookie Town - Filled in a hole at 61 13 38.

Jun. 12th, 2018 Edit

  • [Added] Added a new map - 'Spadazalin's Spring'

Jul. 1st, 2018 Edit

  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Vineyard Mills - Opened fence gates at 40 3 -40.
  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Riverwood - Added barriers to a tree exploit at 60 15 111.

Jul. 8th, 2018 Edit

  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Spadazalin's Spring - Fixed players being able to parkour onto the roof at 16 85 -81.
  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Spadazalin's Spring - Filled in an air pocket at 5 77 4.
  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Vineyard Mills - Fixed a TNT exploit at -28 28 54.

Jul. 22nd, 2018 Edit

  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Riverwood - Fixed a legit spot that was previously blocked by barriers.

Aug. 1st, 2018 Edit

  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Eclipse Town - Fixed players getting stuck as infested furnaces underneath the bridges.

Aug. 22nd, 2018 Edit

  • [Added] Added game rejoining as hunter in Block Hunt.

Oct. 15th, 2018 Edit

  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue in Block Hunt where spectators could interact with infested blocks.

Jan. 5th, 2019 Edit

  • [Added] Added a new map: 'Lylinore Forest'.

Jan. 12th, 2019 Edit

  • [Changed] In Block Hunt, you are now automatically queued for the team of your choice of kit.

Jan. 19th, 2019 Edit

  • [Fixed] Fixed Hunters not earning Wins in Block Hunt.

Jan. 22nd, 2019 Edit

  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue of ghost players in the game.

Jan. 26th, 2019 Edit

  • [Fixed] Map Fix - Lylinore Forest - Fixed being able to get behind the barriers at -30 46 0.

Mar. 1st, 2019 Edit

  • [Fixed] Re-introduced the public kill feed in the game.

Mar. 10th, 2019 Edit

  • [Added] Added a new map: Hidden Fields.

Mar. 18th, 2019 Edit

  • [Fixed] Map fix - Confined - Filled a 2 block-deep hole in a tree at -38 13 72

Apr. 1st, 2019 Edit

  • [Added] Added a new map as an April Fools joke: 'Cave Theme' by ImposterK.

Apr. 2nd, 2019 Edit

  • [Removed] Removed the April Fools joke map - 'Cave Theme' by ImposterK.


  • The Shocker Hider kit was at one time removed for unknown reasons, and was re-added with improvements in the 2014 Halloween update.
  • There were 2 easter eggs in Cookie Town that includes a headstone reading "R.I.P. King Jonalon". It is extremely likely that this is referencing the fact that King Sparklez of Castle Siege 2.0 was originally intended to be named King Jonalon, but the name was changed later on. The other easter egg was a sign on the clock tower saying Power Move City Population 107. The name was later changed to Cookie Town Population 107.
  • You can meow exactly 69 times in a game!
  • Before, all particles were enabled in the game. However, in 2017 the development team decided to disable them for reasons they believed were obvious. Following that, 3 particles still worked in the game for over a year, before 2 of them got removed!

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