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Bridges is a minigame.


Each game of Bridges can accommodate up to 40 players (with a minimum of 20 players for the game to start), and there are four teams, so each team can have a maximum of 10 players. The teams are Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Being on a different team sometimes changes gameplay, though by not much. For example, playing the map Skylands will spawn you in a different biome-themed island depending on the team you choose (see below).

When the game starts, players will have 10 minutes to gather all of the resources needed for survival. That includes food, armor, and weapons. As bone meal does not work in bridges due to a glitch, the main source of food in most maps will be apples from appler kits. This means that it is essential that people, especially appler kits, share their resources with teammates.

Once the 10 minutes have elapsed, the chat will say "WARNING: THE BRIDGES ARE SPAWNING!" Some form of a bridge will be created, allowing passage to other's islands. This also means that players are free to kill each other. Teamwork is crucial here.

Some form of a tower on a central island sits in the center of the four islands. When the bridges are activated, players will be able to access that island, along with the four other islands. It is well worth taking this island, or at least looting it, as the chests inside provide players with useful loot, including mushroom stew, bows and arrows, and iron to diamond weapons and armor. This island is a good tactical point; if someone with the Bomber kit destroys the bridges leading to the island, Marksmen can safely take out enemies from a distance.

After the 10 minutes, the time limit for the round is 1.4 hours, though there is a bug where the game is ended as a draw when it hits the 30 minute mark. The last team standing wins.

Some maps use the void as the death point, while others use water. Death from the void is next to impossible to escape from, however, with water you can escape as it only deals continuous damage to you per second opposed to killing you instantly.



Kits are free, bought with Gems, or unlocked by getting all the achievements in Bridges.

Kit Name In-game Description Cost Abilities
Apple "Posess the rare skill of finding apples frequently!" Free Apples- Receives 1 apple every 10 seconds.

Apple Throw- Left-Click with Apple to throw it. Deals low damage, with a low cooldown.

Beserker "Agile warrior trained in the ways axe combat!" Free Beserker Leap- Right-click with Axe to take a giant leap forward, up to 8 times. Leap charge can be regenerate by hitting enemies. Note: You can't leap until the bridge drop.

Axe Master- Deals +1 damage with Axes.

Brawler "Giant and muscular, easily smacks others around." 2000


Mammoth- Take 90% knockback and deal 110% knockback.

Iron Skin- You take -0.75 damage from attacks.

Start with Diamond Sword

Archer "Highly trained with a bow, probably an elf or something..." 2000 Gems Fletcher- Receive 1 arrow every 20 seconds. Maximum 3.

Barrage- Charge your bow to use Barrage. Loads up to 5 arrows and fires them all at once. Uses only one arrow.

Quick Shot - Left click with bow to instantly fires an arrow.

Miner "Master of ore prospecting and digging quickly." 5000 Gems Radar- Right-Clicking with Pickaxe tells you if the ore making up your pickaxe is near you.

Digger- Permanent Fast Digging (Haste II) buff.

Bomber "Crazy bomb throwing guy." 5000 Gems Bomber- Receive 1 TNT every 30 seconds. Maximum 2. Click with TNT to throw it. It can only damage you before the bridges spawn.
Destructor "Has the ability to make the world crumble!" Achievement


Seismic Charge- Receive 1 Seismic Charge every 40 seconds. Maximum 2. Right-Click with one to throw it. You do not receive Seismic Charges until the bridges spawn. Seismic Charges make the blocks in an area crumble and fall and apply poison to enemy player.

Gem Rewards[]

Action Reward
Participation. 25 Gems
Winning Team 25 Gems
Kills 30x(No. of kills) Gems
Kill Assists 7x(No. of kills) Gems
First Blood 25 Gems


Main Page: Achievements

Achievement Criteria Reward
Bridge Champion Win 30 games of The Bridges. 600 Gems
Sniper Kill an enemy with Archery before bridges spawn. 600 Gems
Food for the masses Get 20 kills with apples 600 Gems
Rampage Get 4 kills in a row, with no more than 10 seconds between each kill. 1200 Gems
Death Bomber Get 5 kills in a single game with TNT. 1000 Gems
Fortune Bomber Mine 30 Diamond Ore using TNT. 600 Gems
The Bridges Master Achievement Get all other Bridges achievements. Destructor Kit

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