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The in-game description when hovering over the BUILDER prefix.

Tag builder-0

The current Builder forum tag.

Tag builder

The previous Builder forum tag.

Builder forum tag (current)

The Builder forum tag on Enjin.

Builder forum tag (previous)

The previous Builder forum tag on Enjin.

2023-02-02 20.12

The current BUILDER chat tag.

Mapper forum tag (current)

The Mapper forum tag before team restructure.


The MAPPER chat tag before the Build Teams teams restructure


A Builder, formerly known as a Mapper, and collectively known as the Build Team, builds various maps for Mineplex. Having this rank earns the player the blue/white 'Builder' tag on the Mineplex forums and the blue BUILDER rank in-game. Each builder has the freedom to build at their own pace and make maps in their own style. They are allowed to build maps for any and every gamemode, all their choice. A lot of the work a Builder does is independent, however they also take part in various team builds which involve other assignments such as seasonal lobbies and large maps in which each member of the team builds together.


The Mapper rank was shortly brought back to notice special "senior staff" builders that showed hard working dedication to the team and were under an NDA (A Nondisclosure Agreement). This team was given the blue/white "Mapper" tag on the Mineplex forums and the blue MAPPER rank in-game, they worked closely with the development and designer teams on special projects and content. This rank is no longer given out and been discontinued due to it being unneeded.

MAPPER hover

The in-game description when hovering over the MAPPER prefix.

Build Team Leadership[]

Tag mapper

The Mapper forum tag


The Mapper forum tag on Enjin after shortly reintroduced.

Mapper tag

The MAPPER chat tag

Maplead234 (1)

The in-game description when hovering over the MAPLEAD prefix.

Tag maplead

The current Build Lead forums tag.

Build Lead

The previous Build Lead forum tag.


Maplead1 (1)

The current MAPLEAD chat tag.


The pervious MAPLEAD tag given to the Lead of the Build Team.


The former MAPKING rank, given to Jugz for leading the Mineplex Build-Team.

Map Leads are recognized by the blue/white 'Build Lead' tag on the forums and the blue MAPLEAD rank in-game. The leadership within the team is led by Mappable, partnered with Nepchune. Each build lead has to fulfill and lead a builder sub-team.

Build-Team Admin[]

Mappable, also known as Carter, is currently the leader of the head operations of the Mineplex Build Team, he overlooks all Builders and MapLeads and making sure everyone in the Build Team and their sub-teams are doing their job. Carter works close with the members and helps design for maps and direction, and the main communication between the Leaders and the Builders. He is also head of the Map Testing Team.

Builder Subteams[]

After a Builder has gained some time on the team, normally within 2 months or more, they can join and apply for open subteams of their choice.

Builder Applications[]

BLD subteam

The previous Builder Applications tag on Enjin

Mappable was the lead for Builder Applications. He is in charge of leading the Builder Apps Team and making sure only the best make it on the Mineplex Build Team, and help you get there if you aren't quite up to par.

Map Issues[]

MI subteam

The former Quality Inspection tag on Enjin, known today as Map Issues

Nepchunex made sure that the Map Issues Team, formally known as Quality Inspection, is going through community submitted reports and as well as going through the maps themselves to fix issues such as holes in maps or completely unbalanced maps that got past Quality Assurance and the Map Testing Team.

Map Submissions[]

MAP subteam

The previous Map Submissions tag on Enjin

Ocelotguyy was the current head of the Map Submissions Team, He makes sure the Map Subs team goes over and analyses community submitted maps and edits them to work with Mineplex's current maps and games. He makes sure that the team puts down missing spawn points, to removing annoying towers in the middle of a map. The Map-Subs team is the heart of making sure a player's maps get onto Mineplex!

Mineplex Marketplace [Builder] (Discontinued)[]


DeanTM & dutty were the leaders for the Mineplex Marketplace team, each member of the team was designated to create content under the Mineplex section of the Minecraft Marketplace. This team was made up of Map Creators, Skin Designers, Redstone Developers, and Graphics Designers that create the content sold on the Marketplace! This subteam is no longer given out and has been discontinued.

Paper Builder (Discontinued)[]

Paper Builder

The previous Paper Builder tag on Enjin

This special team was led by t3hero. This team was given to Moderators that worked closely with the build team by helping with build team applications. A Paper Builder did not do any building themselves normally, they where assigned to assist in filtering out spam, troll or applications with not enough detail that the build team received. They also helped with "secretarial" assignments such as taking notes or updating build team documents. This subteam is no longer given out and been discontinued due to it being unneeded.

Builder Application Process[]

Players may apply at www.mineplex.com/BuildTeamApplication. Submitted builds are judged on five main categories, aesthetics, structures, organics, terraforming and game-play (which translates to the detail of the map and how practical the map is for playing a specific mini-game), If a recruitment member (BLD) is pleased with your work you will progress on to the first stage. If all members believe one has potential they will progress to the second stage where they will go through a one-month trial building various maps and being provided feedback, then accepted and promoted to Builder if they are to meet the requirements. For more information about applying for builder, make sure to check out this link here.

Titles, Perks & Extras[]


This exclusive, "What's a Happer?", title is granted to all users that hold the BUILDER rank.

What's a Happer? []

This title is given to all members that hold the BUILDER rank.


This exclusive, "Favorite Block Placer", title is granted to a nominated user that held the BUILDER or MAPLEAD rank during the Mineplex Oscars.

Favorite Block Placer[]

This rare title is given to a user that held the BUILDER or MAPLEAD rank during the Mineplex Oscars. The requirements to earn this title, a player that held the Builder rank and had to be nominated by other players on the network.

Contagious Creativity[]


This special "Contagious Creativity" title was given out to users that where nominated for the most Creative Map during the Mineplex Oscars.

This special title is awarded to users who where nominated by players for the most creative map during the Mineplex Oscars.


This exclusive, "Master of Maps", title is awarded to players that earned 1st place in a certain category in the Map Submissions Competition.

Master of Maps[]

This special title is given out to winners that scored first place in a certain category in the Map Submission Competition.

Senor Tester De Las Mapas[]

MTT title1

This special, "Senor Tester De Las Mapas" title is given to members of the Map Testing Team!

This title is given out to members who assist the build team by testing new maps and providing feedback on how to improve a map before it goes live.

Builder of the Month & Staff of the Month (Discontinued)[]

Builder of the Month forum tag (current)

The previous Builder of the Month forum tag.

The hardest working Builder of the respective month was previously awarded the 'Builder of the Month' forum tag, however, this has since been discontinued and the tag has been removed. Builders could, but extremely rare, earn the 'Staff of the Month' award forum tag for showing and executing an exemplary status and by preforming excellently to the team.

Master of Maps[]


The previous Map Master forum tag


The previous Map Master tag on Enjin

Through out time, a special contest is hosted by the Map Submissions Team where community members are invited to compete in in competition for the best summited map. Winners where provided with an exclusive Map Master fourm tag and In-Game title on Java.

Current Builders & MapLeads[]

A list of members and their respective subteams can be found here.