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Cake Wars
The official logo for "Cake Wars"
Minigame Type Survival
Status Available
Teams Unknown
PvP PvP minigame
Beta Release Date None
Official Release Date 9.11 2017
Number of Players 10-16
Game/Statistics Menu Icon 16px Cake
Portal Representation A Butcher holding a cake
Server Tag CW2-# (duos) or CW4-#
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Cake Wars is a minigame that was released to Mineplex on November 9, 2017. The main goal is to eat the other team's cake and be the last team alive. Cake Wars Standard is played with four teams of four players, Cake wars Duos is played with eight teams of two players.

Goal Edit

The goal is to eat the other team's cakes and eliminate enemies to win.

Gameplay Edit

16 players split up into 4 teams (or 2 players over 8 teams in duos) spawn on a floating island. Each of them has a spawner which generates Bricks, Emeralds and Nether Stars. These resources are used to buy items at the 3 villager shops. At the start of the game, the generator only produces Bricks, with the teams having to capture and hold different beacons (working similarly to the Control Points in Dominate) to generate Emeralds and Nether Stars. There are 4 Emerald Beacons on the right and left sides of each team's spawn island (or in duos, between Red and Green, Cyan and Orange, Pink and Blue, and Yellow and Purple islands). In the center of the map, there is a larger island with one Nether Star Beacon. After some time, smaller so-called cake islands will start spawning which contain loot. After they have been looted, they slowly disappear. The goal is to eat the enemies' cakes to make them unable to respawn and then eliminate any remaining members. Cakes also rot after 20 minutes to force the game into a final "deathmatch" phase. You win if you are a member of the last team standing.

Shop Edit

There are 3 villagers that trade various helpful items for their respective currencies. First is the Brick Shop, where players can purchase commonly used items as well as Emeralds for Bricks. Second is Emerald Shop which sells better, but more expensive items in exchange for emeralds. The final store is the Nether Star shop, sometimes referred to as the "team shop," because it sells upgrades that give the entire team a boost in the form of permanent potion effects or enchantments on tools.

Brick Shop Edit

Items Ability Cost
Iron Helmet 5 Bricks
Iron Chestplate 8 Bricks
Iron Leggings 6 Bricks
Iron Boots 5 Bricks
Iron Sword 5 Bricks
Iron Pickaxe 8 Bricks
Iron Axe 3 Bricks
3 Arrows 12 Bricks
Wool 16 blocks of wool. 3 Bricks
Stained Clay 8 blocks of stained clay. 8 Bricks
Oak Wood Planks 8 oak planks. 8 Bricks
End Stone 8 blocks of end stone. 12 Bricks
Deploy Platform Creates a 3x3 wool platform next to any block that the user clicks.

(single use)

5 Bricks
Emerald 1 Emerald to use in the Emerald Shop 20 Bricks

Emerald Shop Edit




Diamond Helmet 10 emeralds
Diamond Chestplate 24 emeralds
Diamond Leggings 16 emeralds
Diamond Boots 10 emeralds
Diamond Sword 5 emeralds
Diamond Pickaxe 10 emeralds
Diamond Axe 10 emeralds
Obsidian 8 emeralds
Shears 5 emeralds
Golden Apple 8 emeralds
Ender Pearl 7 seconds cooldown between pearls. 7 emeralds
Rune of Holding Preserves your inventory when you die. 20 emeralds
Insta-Wall Creates a wall above any block you click. 2 emeralds
TNT Trap Throws a player into the air if they attempt to eat your cake. 8 emeralds
Bear Trap Slows and blinds enemies when they get close to your cake. 8 emeralds
Polly the Sheep Spawn Polly the Sheep. After 4 seconds she explodes destroying nearby player placed blocks. If she is killed she does not explode. 8 emeralds
Chicken Portal Creates a portal from you to where the egg lands! Your entire team can use the portal. Lasts for 45 seconds or until the chicken is killed. 20


Nether Star Shop Edit

Item Ability Cost
Protection Gives the protection enchantment to all teammate's armor. Level I:4 Nether Stars

Level II:10 Nether Stars

Protection III has been removed.

Haste All teammates receive a permanent Haste effect. Level I:4 Nether Stars

Level II:10 Nether Stars

Sharpness Gives sharpness enchantments to all teammate's swords. Level I:8 Nether Stars

Level II:12 Nether Stars

Resource Generator Increase the rate at which resources are generated. Level I:10 Nether Stars

Level II:20 Nether Stars

Power Gives power enchantments to all teammate's bows. Level I:8 Nether Stars

Level II:12 Nether Stars

Health Station Teammates within 5 blocks of the cake will receive regeneration I Level I:8 Nether Stars

Level II:12 Nether Stars

Increase the range to 8 blocks

Cake Islands Edit

Cake Islands are structures which periodically appear throughout the map. Each island consists of a chest on the very top which contains various items, ranging from resources to otherwise unobtainable items and enchantments like Knockback and Infinity. After the chest has been looted, the whole island will crumble and disappear.

Loot Edit

Resources: Bricks, Emeralds, and Nether Stars.

Weapons, Tools & Armor: Diamond Armor, Diamond Sword (possibly enchanted), Bow (possibly enchanted) and Arrows, the Golden Pickaxe.

Others: Blocks

Kits Edit


NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Receive 1 wool blocks every 4 seconds. Maximum of 32.
Recieve 1 deploy platform every 10 seconds. Maximum of 5.
None Full set of leather the color of your team Free kit Regular statistics
Kit Description: The default kit. Receives 1 Knitted Wool every 4 seconds, maximum of 32. Receives 1 Knitted Platform every 10 seconds, maximum of 5.


NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Killing a player will give you +3 hearts. None Full set of leather the color of your team 2000 Gems Regular statistics
Kit Description: Killing a player will give you +3 hearts.


NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Receive 1 arrow every 6 seconds. Maximum of 3. Killing a player grants 1 arrow and fully charged shots destroy wool blocks. None Full leather set of the colour of your team 3000 Gems Regular statistics
Kit Description: Receives an arrow every 6 seconds with a maximum of 3. Fully charged arrows break blocks.


NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Receive 1 snowball every 6 seconds with a maximum of 3. Players receive slowness 2 for 3 seconds when hit by a snowball. None Full set of leather the color of your team Achievement kit Regular statistics
Kit Description: Receives 1 snowball every 6 seconds, maximum of 3. Snowballs slow enemy for 3 seconds.

Gem Reward Edit

To be added...

Achievement Edit

Achievement Name Objective
Cake Dinners Win 100 games of Cake Wars
Cake Slayer Kill 1000 players in Cake Wars
Big Appetite Take 500 bites of cake in Cake Wars.
Greedy Eat a whole cake.
This game has cakes? Survive 10 minutes without a cake.
Cold Baked Killer Get 10 first bloods
Starving Eat a cake within the first minute of the game.
You call that a challenge Win a game without dying.
Team Player Purchase all Team Upgrades within one game.
Love not War Win a game without killing a player.
Last Crumb Win a game with only one bite of your cake left.
Gotta go fast Win a game within 10 minutes
Last Laugh Get the final bite on every cake within a game.
I <3 Capture Points Own all beacons for your team in one game
Get Good Kill a player while falling from a great height. Then save yourself from dying.
The Floor is Lava Win a game of Cake Wars while after the first 30 seconds of the game, only stand on player placed blocks.

Maps Edit

  • Mocha
  • Woodland Grove
  • Plenty O' Fish
  • Boardwalk
  • Cherry Falls
  • Azienda
  • Oasis
  • Marley's Mushroom
  • Pinecone
  • Bucolic
  • Ascent
  • Milo Realm
  • Steam
  • Frosted Cakes

Gallery Edit

To be added...

History Edit

Main Article: History

9th of November, 2017: Released Cake Wars.

8th of March, 2018: Cake Wars Update

5th of July, 2018: Cake Wars Update

17th of November, 2018: Cake Wars Update

Official Cake Wars page on the Mineplex website located here