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This minigame is available on multiple Minecraft editions.
Please refer to Cake Wars for the Java version.
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Cake Wars is one of the intermediate game on Mineplex, the objective is to eat the cakes of your enemies, all while protecting your own. Guarding your cake is very important as it allows you to respawn as long as it has not been eaten. Players have resources that they can gather to help them in game being: Bricks, Emeralds, and Nether Stars, which can all be used for purchases with the three villagers. Bricks spawn without having to get any points in the map, while Emeralds & Nether Stars require you to get a point in the map.



Teams consist of the colors: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow (max 4 players per team and min 1); in the pre-game lobby before the game starts, players are given the choice to choose a team, if no team is picked, one is chosen for the player randomly. For Cake Wars Duos, Solos, and Mega, the team colors are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Cyan, and Orange (max of 1-4 players per team based if its solo, duos, or mega).


 Brick Shop[]

Items Description Cost
Iron Helmet 2 defense points 5 Bricks
Iron Chestplate 6 defense points 8 Bricks
Iron Leggings 5 defense points 6 Bricks
Iron Boots 2 defense points 5 Bricks
Iron Sword 6 attack damage 5 Bricks
Iron Pickaxe A tool used to mine hard blocks faster for example end stone and terracotta. 8 Bricks
Bow A long ranged weapon. Requires arrows to shoot. 12 Bricks
3 Arrows Ammunition for the Bow 9 Bricks
16 Wool Great block for bridging and for quick defense. Color is based on your team. 3 Bricks
Shears A tool used to cut wool faster 10 Bricks
8 End Stone Great block for defending your cake 12 Bricks
Emerald 1 Emerald to use in the Emerald Shop 20 Bricks
3 Deploy Platforms An item that generate a 3x3 platform when used 5 Bricks

Emerald Shop[]




1 Obsidian Best block for defending your cake 10 Emeralds
Diamond Pickaxe A tool that mines hard blocks faster and allows you to mine Obsidian faster and pick it up 10 Emeralds
Diamond Helmet 3 Defense Points 10 Emeralds
Diamond Chestplate 8 Defense Points 24 Emeralds
Diamond Leggings 6 Defense Points 16 Emeralds
Diamond Boots 3 Defense Points 10 Emeralds
Diamond Sword 7 Attack Damage 5 Emeralds
Tracking Compass A tool that allows you to track enemy players 10 Emeralds
Golden Apple When eaten, it gives you Regeneration II for 5 seconds, and Absorption for 2 minutes (2 extra hearts) 8 Emeralds
Ender Pearl A throwable used to teleport to where the pearl lands. 7 Emeralds
Rune of Holding Preserves your inventory when you die as long as you have it on your inventory. 20 Emeralds
[TNT] Polly With it, you can spawn a sheep that blows up after a few seconds breaking blocks around cake defenses and damages (or even kills) players in its vicinity, however, it can be killed. 8 Emeralds
TNT Trap This trap throws a player in the air when they try to eat your cake. 10 Emeralds


In Cake Wars, there are three kits which the player can choose from. Like in all other games, once bought, the kits remain accessible permanently.


NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
BedrockWarriorCakeWars Receive 3 seconds of strength 1 and 1.5 hearts every kill. Wooden Sword Leather Free kit Regular statistics
Kit Description: Slay others to absorb their heart.


NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
BedrockArcherCakeWars Recieve 1 arrow every 6 seconds. Maximum of 4. Fully charged bow shots destroy wool blocks. Wooden sword, Bow Leather 3000 Gems Regular statistics
Kit Description: Get free arrows even when you are far from your base.


NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
BedrockBuilderCakeWars Receive 1 block every 6 seconds. Maximum of 3. Receive a deploy platform every few seconds. Wooden sword Leather 3000 Gems Regular statistics
Kit Description: Get extra blocks to build with.

Kits used to be able to be edited and improved using rewards you got for playing games, allowing players to upgrade their starting gear. This was later removed to improve balancing.


There are 27 maps currently available on Cake Wars for Bedrock

  • A Piece of Cake!
  • Amazon Prime
  • Ascent (Solo and maybe Squads only, temporarily)
  • Azienda
  • Bird Sanctuary
  • Boardwalk
  • Bucolic
  • Buwuilder's Garden (Halloween version on Squads)
  • Cabin Point
  • Campgrounds
  • Chanterelle
  • Cherry Falls
  • Citadel
  • City Lights
  • Construction Site
  • Dino Isle
  • Doggy Business
  • Dry Howl
  • Dynasty (Squads Only)
  • Elven Village
  • Frosted Cakes
  • Marley's Mushroom
  • Milo Realm (Solo, Duos, and Mega Only)
  • Mocha
  • Oasis (Squads Only)
  • Tribute
  • Woodland Grove (Solo, Duos, and Mega Only)



  • Mineplex had Cake Wars on Bedrock before it arrived on Java Mineplex.
  • For a limited time, Bedrock version of Cake Wars had a solo mode, until it got permanently added on October 29th 2021.
  • Despite it being made before Java, Cake Wars on Bedrock has less content than on Java, however, a big update for the game has brought the game some Java parities on 4th July 2021.
  • Three of the maps were removed from Cake Wars Bedrock: Hidden Alcove (beta map), Plenty O' Fish for green and red teams not being able to cover their cake, and Wish for TNT traps being useless and not enough PvP area.
  • On January 2022, a new limited time mode for Cake Wars was added called Cake Wars Mega. Its Cake Wars Squads but on Solo/Duos maps.
  • During rare instances, it is possible for there to be 3 players in duos (5 players in squads) in one team in Cake Wars (due to a glitch).
  • For April Fools in 2021, Cake Wars was replaced with Carrot Wars. While the core gameplay remained the same, NPCs were changed to have easter-themed designs. Additionally, instead of eating a cake to knock out a team, a 3x3 patch of carrots would have to be cleared in order to stop a team from respawning.