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Capture the Flag, formerly known as Capture the Pig, is a Champions minigame that was released on Mineplex on November 14, 2015. This game was first teased on BetterMC in 2013, followed by its release as a Beta minigame in an AusMC Beta session, then known as Capture the Block. Its name could formerly be seen behind the Champions sign in the Lobby. It is often abbreviated to CTF.


In Capture the Flag, players must capture the opposing team's flag and return it to their base in order to score points for their team. There is a 7 minute time limit. The first team to five captures or have more score then other team wins. If there is a tie in points and the game reaches the end of its 7 minute timer, then it will go into Sudden Death, where the next capture wins and there are no respawns. Alternatively, if one team kills every player on the opposing team, they win. Players cannot change kits or use restock chests during Sudden Death.



Achievement Name Criteria
Champion Win 80 games of Dominate or CTF
Assassination Kill 40 players with Backstab without taking any damage from them
Mass Electrocution Hit 4 enemies with a Lightning Orb
The Longest Shot Kill someone using Longshot who is over 64 blocks away from you
Earthquake Launch 5 enemies using Seismic Slam
Sticky Fingers Capture the Enemy Flag 20 times
Clutch Kill the Enemy Flag Carrier in Sudden Death
Champion of Champions Win the game with 5 more flag captures than the other team

Note that all but the last 3 achievements can also be earned through playing Dominate.

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