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This minigame has been unavailable since August 2013.
The reason why is as follows: lack of development. For the successor to this minigame, see Castle Siege (2014 minigame).

Castle Siege is a Removed minigame on Mineplex and the first minigame to be released on the server, on May 24, 2013. In a fully destructible environment, teams had to "siege" their opponent's castle by pressing a button in the latter's location, then preventing them from stopping the siege. Alternatively, depending on the gamemode, teams had to be the first to reach 30 cumulative kills, or use bows that could instantly kill an enemy player.


The game was split into two teams. At the beginning of the game, players are sent to a kit room to select a kit. Then players are teleported to a starting platform. Once the game starts players run off the platform and grab items from the chests in front of their castles. The chests restock after 60 seconds. Almost all blocks can be broken or blown up with TNT. All gamemodes have a 15-minute time limit.

Classic Mode: Each team has a castle with a button inside. When the button is pressed by the opposite team, a countdown starts. If the team which owns that castle does not press the button within 20 seconds, the team which is "seiging" the castle (the one who pressed the button originally) wins. All kits can be used.

TDM Mode: The first team to reach 30 kills wins the game. Button pressing does nothing. All kits can be used.

OITQ Mode: Basically the current 'One in the Quiver' gamemode which is on Mineplex. One bow hit will instantly kill an enemy player, giving you one arrow. The holy clave of death is a stick with sharpness one, used to kill enemies if you do not have any more arrows. Arrows can be picked up if missed. No kits can be used.



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