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This minigame is limited to Mineplex Player Servers.
The reason why is as follows: Unpopularity.
For the first version of this game, see Castle Siege.

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Castle Siege is a Classic minigame on Mineplex that was released on June 18, 2014. It was released as a Beta minigame on April 27, 2014. In Castle Siege, players must fight each other on opposing teams on the Defenders and Undead team; the former must protect their king from the Undead, while the latter must kill the king before sunrise.

The minigame was Beta-tested on the AusMC server under the name Castle Defenders. It was similar to the present-day Castle Siege, except the teams were red and blue, all players had identical kits, and the objective of the game was solely to eliminate the opposite team.

Castle Siege is branded as the successor minigame for the first Castle Siege; apart from the name, however, both games share no real similarities.

It was removed with the Mineplex Lobby Update on February 23, 2018. It can still be found in Mineplex Player Servers.



Mineplex Official Castle Siege Trailer

The official trailer for Castle Siege.

There are two teams: The red Undead Team and the blue Defenders Team. When the game starts, the Defenders spawn atop the castle, while the Undead spawn in the forest/cave opposite of the map. The Undead must fight their way through the castle to get to the Throne Room, where they must kill King Chiss[Note 1] (TNT does NOT do damage to the King). King Chiss is a zombie[Note 2] dressed in full Diamond Armor and wields a Diamond Sword; he takes 1 damage from any type of attack, but cannot attack enemies. The Defenders have to hold off the siege for 8.5 minutes (the length of a Minecraft night and a Minecraft dawn) until the sun comes up, when all the Undead start to burn.

Defenders do not respawn as their previously selected kit. If they die, they automatically equip the Castle Wolf Kit and respawn. The Wolf Kit cannot be selected at the start of the round, nor can it be switched out of.

Defenders can use fences, called Barricades, to block off the Undead from passing through certain points. These barricades can be broken by Undead using axes, though it does slow them down substantially, giving Marksmen time to shoot at them. Defenders can right-click barricades to temporarily disable them for a few seconds, allowing them to walk through them.

Defenders also have access to horses, located in stables. However, their use is limited, as they only provide a quicker way to get somewhere. Considering the size of the map and the constant need to hold the front lines, players will find that they will move fast enough without a horse. In addition, horses are somewhat risky to get, as the stables are commonly located in front of where the Undead break-through first.

TNT Spawns at the Undead spawn, which can be picked up by Undead by right-clicking. This causes the TNT to be put on their head, creating a trail of red Firework particles along with loud flashes. When players right-click again or die with it on their head, the TNT will blow up, breaking blocks around them and doing a substantial amount of damage to Defenders (wolves too) in the radius. Cracked stone bricks are destroyed the first time, while normal stone bricks become cracked and can be destroyed with another block of TNT. Any other block is destroyed instantly and slowly regenerates back to normal location. This is typically used to destroy strategic points of the castle, kill Defenders, and/or break the iron bar walls.

Once a defender dies, they instantly become a wolf. Wolves respawn times were removed in the 2017 CS update.


"Helms Revamped" by Aaron948537 & Dutty[]

"Sunstone Stronghold" by Saxumos[]

"Icebound Valley" by Dutty & KingCrazy_[]

"Neuschwanstein" by OpticsVision[]

"Mythical Palace" by Danese[]

"Shangri-La" by Cocoa15[]

"Trench of Dekare" by Intoxicating[]



[Note 3]

Kit In-Game Description Inventory Special Abilities Disadvantages Notes
Castle Marksman Skilled human marksman, can fletch arrows.
  • Stone Sword
  • Bow
  • 32 Starting Arrows
  • Two Mushroom Stews - Gives Regeneration II Buff for 3 seconds 
  • Full Suit of Chain Armor
  • Fletcher - Receive 1 Arrow every 2 seconds. Maximum of 4.
  • Barrage - Charge your Bow to use Barrage. Loads several arrows into the player's bow, indicated by0clicks of increasing pitch. When released, it fires a spray o4 arrows, dealing area-of-effect damage.
Castle Knight Robust knight, also able to construct defenses.
  • Iron Sword
  • Bow
  • 64 Arrows
  • Four Mushroom Stews - Gives Regeneration II Buff for 3 seconds 
  • Full Suit of Iron Armor
  • Mammoth - Take 50% knockback and deal 150% knockback.
  • Constructor - Receive 1 Fence every 40 seconds. Maximum of 2. When placed, will block an Undead's path until they break it. If a Defender right-clicks a fence, they will be able to deactivate it for a few seconds, allowing them to cross through.
Wolf None None Wolf Bite - Single use. Right-click bone to activate skill; disappears upon activation. When activated, will deal 3 hearts of damage. Represented by a bone.
  • Must use fists as their main means of attack. Has no armor.
  • Spawns with two hearts of health. Will regenerate.
  • Kit is permanently switched into for the rest of the round after a Defender dies.
  • If players equip Wolf Bite and attack with it, it will sometimes disappear, although it is only invisible. When spawned, Wolf Bite will say it has zero uses left, although it is single use.
Assassin Unknown
  • Bow
  • Arrows
  • One arrow will instantly kill an enemy upon contact.
Unknown None


In-Game Description Inventory Special Abilities Notes
Undead Ghoul Weak, but able to jump around with ease.
  • Stone Axe
  • Ghoul Leap- Right-click with the axe to Ghoul Leap. This enables the player to take a large leap, both forwards and upwards.
  • Permanent Speed I Buff
Takes 7 seconds for the leap to recharge
Undead Skeleton Makes use of arrows scavenged from human archers.
  • Stone Axe
  • Bow
  • Iron Skin - Take 1 less damage from attacks.
Must pick up arrows from the ground.
Undead Zombie Regenerates rapidly.
  • Stone Axe
  • Permanent Regeneration III Buff



  • Always have one player inside of the Castle where King Chiss resides at all times.
  • Marksmen are important to the defenders.
  • Undead must be wary of being near staircases with TNT. An unwarranted detonation near these structures will hinder, if not completely cripple, the Undead. This is because it makes it harder or impossible for them to ascend the staircase without being delayed by a hole or stuck completely. The only way to remedy this is to equip the Undead Ghoul kit.
  • Different kits for the undead are better for different parts of the game. The undead archer is good for shooting the marksmen on the towers to make their arrows go off target. The ghoul kit is good for when you need to get into the castle as quick as possible, or if there is an impossible staircase that can only be scaled by a jump. And zombies are good as tanks, they can take hits and can stay alive longer than any other kit; with their Regeneration buff, they can heal from their wounds almost instantly and therefore serve as good fighters.
  • Wolves are best for hunting down TNT carrieres as they can instantly respawn. Wolves should kill TNT carriers before they reach the Defenders.

Good Barricade Spots[]

Helms Deep[]

  • The two blocks of air above the waterfall. Delays undead from getting up it, have to break them.
  • The top of the staircase that stems from the main courtyard.
  • The top of the side entrance.
  • The entrance to the king's courtyard.
  • The entrance to King Chiss's throne room.
  • The ladder entrance to King Chiss's throne room.
  • The stone brick ceiling posts in front of the ladder. Slows down undead if there is a breach in the throne room.
  • The backsides of the tops of the throne room. Prevents Undead from sneaking up to Marksmen and dropping down into the throne room.

Sunstone Stronghold[]

  • The entrance to the throne room.
  • Around the king, above the ground to prevent ghouls using ghoul leap.
  • Two staircases leading to the courtyard in front of the throne room.
  • The other two entrances leading to the square.

Good TNT Blast Areas[]

Helms Deep[]

  • The wall with the window that exposes the throne room. Provides a direct path to the king.
  • The iron bar wall when TNT is ignited will cause a larger explosion. Gives Undead faster access to the top of the castle.
  • Any highly blocked or secured entrances, like the thick gate blocking the main courtyard entrance, or any spot mentioned in Good Barricade Spots.

Sunstone Stronghold[]

  • The iron fence gate on the left sideway. Note that when TNT is ignited near this area, it makes a larger explosion.
  • The wall on left of the left side way (stables), between two barricades ththe at is originally in the map. A shortcut to the square that has the dog pool, and there are little places for defenders to block on that way.
  • The pool in the square. Weaken dogs.
  • The entrance to the throne room. A tnt could break lots of fences and kill many defenders.
  • The ordinary TNT blast site on the right side-way.
  • The sidewall of the throne room. Only when the defenders blocked all other ways and the stairs below are untouched.


Requirement Reward
FOR THE KING! Win 50 times as a Defender. 10000 XP
Kingslayer Deal the killing blow on the King. 4000 XP
Blood Thirsty Kill 50 Undead in a single game. 8000 XP
Assassin Do 50% or more of the damage to the King. 8000 XP
Slash or Burn Win as undead within the last 70 seconds of the game. 8000 XP
Canine Revenge As a wolf, kill 12 undead in one game. 7000 XP
Royal Guard Kill 5 undead within 8 blocks of the king in the last 70 seconds. 8000 XP
Not Even a Scratch Win the game as defender with the king at full health. 8000 XP
Vigilante Get 5 first bloods. 6000 XP
Defusal Squadron Kill 5 TNT carriers as defender in one game. 7000 XP
Equestrian Elimination Kill 25 horses. 6000 XP

Gem Rewards[]

The list below shows the maximum sum of Gems a player may earn at a time.

  • x/2 Gems for x Kills. If a remainder is left, the Gem count is rounded down.
  • x/2 Gems for x Kill Assists. If a remainder is left, the Gem count is rounded down.
  • 10 Gems for First Blood
  • 10 Gems for Winning Team
  • 10 Gems for Participation

Bugs and Issues[]

There was a bug in the Beta version where most Castle Siege servers had no chat tags and would not start. Sometimes they restarted and fixed themselves, but after a couple games they went back to being broken.

Arrows shot at disguised players (the Undead) may bounce off occasionally. This bug appears in all games with disguises, and is said to be very difficult to patch.

Another common issue was the server-side lag of the Castle Siege lobbies. The more players joined, the more unlikely it became to enjoy a lag-free experience.


Main article: Updates

December 23rd, 2020 - Game readded as a holiday minigame.[]

February 23rd, 2018 - Game removed due to lack of players / unpopular[]

August 10th, 2017 - Castle Siege update[]

October 31st, 2014 - Kits, Balance, Maps[]

  • Defenders can now right-click on fences to temporarily disable them.

April 27th, 2014 - Champions and MAC[]


  1. The original name for the king was King Jonalon; this was then changed to King Sparklez to support Mineplex's youtube partner CaptainSparklez.
  2. Most players had assumed that King Chiss would be a villager.
  3. Red represents a removed kit.