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The previous in-game description when hovering over the C.MOD prefix.

Tag clans

The current Clans Management forum tag.


The previous chat tag for Clans Mods

Clans Management (CM) is a Senior Moderator team that oversees all matters related to the game Clans, including Quality Assurance, gameplay testing, map development, in-game and forums moderation and rule enforcement. In the past, the team had an in-game tag named "C.MOD", which has since been removed in favor of the regular "SR MOD" tag. For a period of time CM was changed to a moderator subteam however it has since been reverted back to a Sr. Mod team. Clans Management has an internal subteam, called Clans Management Assistance.


The previous Clans Management tag.


Clans Management forum tag (current)

Classic Clans Management Tag.

Clans Management Members[]

The team is currently led by slipest.

A list of members can be found here.