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Community Management(CoM) is a Senior Moderator team that focuses on Mineplex's community and improving the experience for our players. Their main task is to be the bridge between the community, staff team and production, and they are available to answer questions and listen to any ideas/feedback you may have. Their goal is to be there for our players with whatever they need. Whether it is answering your questions or listening to your ideas and feedback, everything we do is for you.

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The current community management forum tag.

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The previous community management forum tag.

Here’s a general idea of what CoM do:

  • Available for all questions and issues for the community!
  • Host events and tournaments for the community to enjoy!

    The previous Community Manager Lead tag.

  • Discuss and forward community wishes, requests, and suggestions to the appropriate places
  • Gather and provide Administration, Leadership, and Development feedback on community-made ideas and topics.

    Previous Community Management tag.

  • Create and work on projects to support community creations, solve issues, and increase the relationship between the community & staff.
  • Look after our sub-teams to make sure they’re running efficiently

Previous Community Manager tag.

The Community Management team has 2 subteams: Event Assistance & Newsletter Program.

As of March 8th, 2022 Event Squad merged with Community Management. Post detailing why can be found here.

Formerly had the following subteams until they were disbanded, and all their functions were fully assigned to CoM members: Community Council & Feedback Collectors.


Previous Server Management tag.

January 22nd, 2023 Social Media merged with Community Management. The following post that can be found here talks about the merge. This was decided due to the fact that the team was on the verge of disbanding.

Community Managers[]

The team is lead by Marzie.

A list of members can be found here.

Events Subdivision[]

Community events such as Karaoke and various in-game events are handled by all Community Management and Event Assistance. More about events can be found at forums under this thread.

Staff events are special events that happen for Builder+ and can be almost anything in event type. Staff events are hosted by CoM and Staff EA, but non-staff EA may help build them.