The icon for the Cosmetic menu.
Also known as Cosmetic Menu
Code None
Function Opens the Cosmetics Menu
Used in Main Lobby and Waiting Lobby

Cosmetics is a Game Command located on your hotbar in the Mineplex Lobby. When activated, it will bring up the Cosmetic Menu. It is represented by a chest.

A Cosmetic item would be referred to as something that does not alter gameplay. This means that it would not give you an advantage or disadvantage in the games that you play. This also means the item is "cosmetic," or just for show.

Cosmetics can be bought with treasure shards, found in Game Loot, or found in Treasure Chests. Originally, Cosmetics were bought with Gems, but that was changed in the EULA Update. Some Cosmetics are exclusive to the Ultra/Hero/Legend/Titan Rank or are only available in Events.

Items in the Cosmetic Menu Edit

History Edit

June 24th, 2016 - Amplified Freedom UpdateEdit

December 13th, 2015 - Wintery Chaos Update Edit

  • [Changed] Updated Cosmetic Menu.
  • [Added] Added bonuses for having an entire set of cosmetics.
  • [Added] Added new categories of Cosmetics.
  • [Fixed] Fixed lag for some Cosmetics.
  • [Added] Added Treasure Shards and converted Coins to Treasure Shards.
  • [Changed] Duplicate items found in Treasure Chests will now be converted to Treasure Shards.

November 7th, 2014 - Kits and Updates Edit

October 31st, 2014 - Kits, Balance, Maps Edit

September 19th, 2014 - Mine-Strike and Chests Edit

September 16th, 2014 - Ranks, Leaders, MS Edit

Ultra Benefits Edit

Hero Benefits Edit

December 21st, 2013 - Christmas Time Edit

November 13th, 2013 - End of Halloween Edit

  • Infernal Horror Mount no longer unlockable.
  • Bat Blaster Gadget no longer unlockable.

October 26th, 2013 - Halloween Live Edit

October 12th, 2013 - Weekend Update Edit

  • Removed ability to feed Pet Menu bone to wolf pet and turn bone into Bone Meal.