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The in-game description when hovering over the SUPPORT prefix.

Tag support

The current Support forum tag.

Customer Support forum tag (current)

The previous Customer Support forum tag.

Customer Support chat tag (current)

The current Customer Support chat tag.

Support Monkey forum tag (current)

The Support Monkey forum tag before deprecation.

Support Monkey forum tag (previous)

The previous Support Monkey forum tag.

Customer Support, formerly known as Support Monkey, is a staff rank that answers inquiries and tickets, as well as fix problems associated with purchases in the Mineplex Shop. The rank used to belong as a branch in the Senior Moderator group. Applications never open, and you can only be invited by Strutt20 or mannalou, if they deem you fit for the position.


The team is lead by mannalou.

A list of all members can be found here.