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This minigame has been unavailable since April 2014.
The reason why is as follows: Updated and Upgraded. For the successor to this minigame, see Dominate 2.0.

Dominate is a Removed minigame on Mineplex that was released as a Beta minigame on August 29, 2013; the official release date is unknown. Teams must be the first to score 15,000 points by capturing and holding Control Points, using an array of special kits and abilities.

Aim of the game[]

To get your capture score up to 15,000 by capturing and holding capture points.

How to play[]

You start by choosing your class (see kits and tactics for more details) You can modify these by buying (or choosing if you are ultra) upgrades for weapons and passive abilities. After 60 seconds has elapsed, the game begins, and the players are released. You must then find your way to capture points, which are marked by beacons, and stand on the glass floors until the wool underneath is all the colour of your team. You capture points from the opposing team in the same way, but it takes longer while their colour turns to white and then to the colour of your team. The more bases you have captured, the faster your capture score goes up. If you get killed, you are out of the game for 10 seconds. Once the game is over, all players are kicked in 5 seconds, leaving little time for talking after the game.


There are two teams, Red and Blue. 5 people are assigned to each team.


  • The Dominate game mode originated from the NautilusMC server. It was transferred to Mineplex after Nautilus shut down.

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Dominate Kits and Tactics coming soon