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Draw My Thing is a Classic minigame on Mineplex. In Draw My Thing, one player is selected to draw a word provided to them that other players must guess, similar to the game Pictionary.

Aim of the game[]

Artist: Draw the word provided to them; if their drawing is correctly guesses they will receive 2 points.

Guessers: Guess the word that is being drawn with the assistance of hints above the hotbar. The first person to correctly guess receives 3 points, with subsequent correct guesses receive 1 point.

How to play[]

The game has 2 rounds for every player in the game, therefore it is typically 12-16 rounds. Every person gets to draw twice. Each round, a new drawer is chosen.

If you are the Artist: The player is assigned a specific word to create on the canvas. You must then draw something which will allow the guessers to guess the word. Draw it the best you can as if the word is guessed, you will receive points! Note: You may not write the word on the board. Doing so is a Severity 1 Gameplay offense.

If you are the Guesser: You will see on a bar at the bottom of your screen that there are a number of underscores and a timer. As time progresses, more letters will be filled into the underscores to assist the guesser in figuring out the word. You must type the word into the chat, being mindful of spaces and spelling. The more frequently you guess the word correctly, the more points you will get!


Most new maps not included. If you have screenshots add them in.


There is only one kit; Artist.

Kit Name Gem Cost Description
Artist Free The world is but a canvas to your imagination.


Achievement Name Criteria Reward
Art Hipster Win 50 games of DMT. 600 Gems
Mr. Squiggle Have both of your drawings guessed within the first 15 seconds. 800 Gems
Keen Eye Correctly guess all of the drawings in a game. 1200 Gems
Pure Luck Guess a drawing within the first 8 seconds. 800 Gems


The easiest way to win is to remember a couple of words that are in the word list of the game (Such as Nether Portal, Helicopter, etc.), and type them all out whenever you see something that even slightly resembles it. This can get you points before anyone else knows what the drawing is.

Remember that there are no penalties to guessing the wrong word, so you can type anything you want (except profanities, of course).

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Gem Rewards[]

Action Reward
Words Guessed 2x(No. of words guessed) Gems
Words Guessed First 4x(No. of words guessed first) Gems
1st Place 20 Gems
2nd Place 10 Gems
3rd Place 5 Gems
Your Drawing Guessed 2x(No. of times your drawing was guessed) Gems


  • Draw My Thing is notable as a decent source of XP. The highest amount of XP gained from a single game of Draw My Thing is 2,152 XP by NimbusMN, the legitimate win record holder.