Draw My Thing
Draw My Thing
Minigame Type Classic
Status Available
Teams Team minigame
PvP Non-PvP minigame
Number of Players 8 (No over capacity for donors)
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Book and quill
Portal Representation Skeleton
Server Tag DMT-#
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Draw My Thing is a Classic minigame on Mineplex. In Draw My Thing, one player must draw a picture that other players must guess, similar to the game Pictionary. A freestyle version, known as Lobby Painting, is also available in the main lobby.

Aim of the gameEdit

Artist: Draw what the theme above the hotbar says and try to make the guessers be able to guess the drawing easily.

Guessers: Guess what the drawer has created, with hints above the hotbar.

How to playEdit

The game has around 10 rounds depending on how many players there are. Every person gets to draw twice. Each round, a new drawer is chosen.

If you are the Artist: The player is assigned a specific word to create on the canvas. You must then draw something which will allow the guessers to guess the word. Note: You may not write the word. Doing so is a Severity 1 offence.

If you are the Guesser: You will see on a bar at the bottom of your screen that there are a number of underscores and a timer. As time progresses, more letters will be filled into the underscores (unless the word is very short, where there may be only two or three filled in). You must type the word into the chat, being mindful of spaces and spelling. If you are the first to guess within the time limit, you get 3 points, after that every player is awarded 1 point for guessing the word.

Note - If you are an artist, and you draw something completely inappropriate, you can no longer play Draw My Thing (not Mineplex as a whole). Follow the rule when drawing!

Maps Edit

Most new maps not included. If you have screenshots add them in.

Kits Edit

There is only one kit.

Kit Name Gem Cost Description
Artist Free The world is but a canvas to your imagination.

Achievements Edit

Achievement Name Criteria Reward
Art Hipster Win 50 games of DMT. 600 Gems
Mr. Squiggle Have both of your drawings guessed within the first 15 seconds. 800 Gems
Keen Eye Correctly guess all of the drawings in a game. 1200 Gems
Pure Luck Guess a drawing within the first 8 seconds. 800 Gems


The easiest way to win is to remember a couple of words that are in the word list of the game (Such as Nether Portal, Helicopter, etc.), and type them all out whenever you see something that even slightly resembles it. This can get you points before anyone else knows what the drawing is.

Remember that there are no penalties to guessing the wrong word, so you can type anything you want (except profanities, of course).

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Gem Rewards Edit

x for x words guessed

4x for x words guessed first

20 for 1st place

10 for 2nd place

5 for 3rd place

2x for x of your drawings guessed

Trivia Edit

Draw My Thing is notable as a good source of XP. The highest amount of XP gained from a single game of Draw My Thing is 2,152 xp by NimbusMN, the win record holder.