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The official current Eternal rank logo.

The current eternal forum tag.

Eternal Rank, also simply known as Eternal is Mineplex's fifth rank that has been added to the store and was found in Holiday Thanksgiving Chickens. It was available to Power Play Club members 1 week before it was released to the public for testing purposes. As stated in the initial announcement, there are still more features to come, however, none have been released as of 2020. Eternal is currently the second-highest paid rank, above Ultra, Hero, Legend and Titan; with only Immortal having more perks.

Current features

Previous eternal forum tag

Monthly bonus of 2 Mythical Chests, 2 Illuminated Chests and 1 Omega Chest

Shop Prices

Previous rank Price to upgrade
Member Rank $119.99
Ultra Rank $109.99
Hero Rank $89.99
Legend Rank $59.99
Titan Rank $29.99


  • All ranks above Eternal have access to the Eternal monthly bonus. This includes Content creators, staff members etc.