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For the team's successor, see Community Management.

Event Squad (ES), also known as Events Management, was a Senior Moderator team that focused on hosting official events for the community and staff[1]. Community events such as Karaoke and various in-game events were handled by all ES and EA. The team had one subteam, Event Assistance.

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Team History

Up until 2017[citation needed], the Senior Moderator team Community Management (CoM) comprised two subgroups, Community Relations and Event Management[2]. As the tasks of both groups were mostly different from one another, the Event Management group went on to form its own Senior Moderator team. With that, Event Squad was created, allowing the team to fully focus on Events.

In early 2022, this split has essentially been undone, as Event Squad once again merged with the CoM team. This was for a multitude of reasons[3], which include:

  • the server's decline, which drastically lowered the demand for Events/Community relations work,
  • the removal of the Community Council, a subteam of CoM, therefore eliminating (almost) all of CoM's workload,
  • and a noticeable decrease in the member counts of both teams, as staff continued to resign at fast pace.

Due to the vastly reduced number of updates and idea suggestions for the server, CoM's former task to act as feedback collectors has mostly been discontinued. With that, CoM almost exclusively focuses on creating events, bearing little resemblance with the former Community Management team.

Event Squad Members

Before disbanding, the team was led by EmmaLie.