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For the original minigame, see Evolution.

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Evolution is an Arcade minigame that succeeded the original Evolution on August 28, 2015. It's unknown when the original Evolution was added, or removed.

Evolution is a remake of the classic game Evolution. The game wasn't hinted at nor was it speculated that the rejected game would make a comeback as an Official Arcade game.

The game was placed into the Arcade section due to its fast pace and easy-to-understand concept.


There is only one team: the yellow Players team. The goal of the game is to evolve 6 times before anyone else can. The game is similar to Super Smash Mobs in the aspect that you play as a mob and fight other players, but has a very different goal and kits.

When a player kills someone else, they become able to Evolve into the next mob. To do so, they have to hold Crouch until they start the process of evolving. Evolving can only be completed if the player is standing on top of a solid block. During their evolution, players are very vulnerable to attack, as they cannot use special abilities. If a player is killed before they can evolve, they have to get another kill to be able to evolve. After evolution, players get back into the game in the same place they evolved. Players must go through six evolutions to win the game.

All players have unlimited lives, and instantly respawn once killed. Upon death, players respawn in a random location.


When players evolve, they become a mob completely different from what they were before. This follows a set order, so players can't pick what they become or when they become it. Each mob comes with different statistics, buffs, debuffs, and special abilities. Mastering each mob's fighting style is the key to victory.

Evolution Name

Statistics Buffs Debuffs Special Ability
Iron Golem Melee: 6

Health: 40

50% Knockback None Ground Pound - Jump up and slam the ground, dealing large amounts of damage and knockback, but while also taking a small amount of fall damage if you hit the ground.
Blaze Melee: 5

Health: 32

No Fall Damage Takes damage from water Flamethrower - Shoot fire for a few seconds to light players on fire. Cooldown - 4 seconds
Spider Melee: 5

Health: 32



No Fall Damage

None Web Shot - Right click with the Spider Eye to shoot a cobweb which does damage to any player directly hit by it. The cobwebs in your hotbar show how many cobwebs you have to shoot. Regain one every 5 seconds for a maximum of 4.
Creeper Melee: 4

Health: 28

None None Sulphur Bomb - You shoot a piece of coal at an angle. It deals damage in a small area.
Slime Melee: 4

Health: 22

50% Fall Damage None Slime Slam

 - Leap in the direction the player is looking. If a player hits someone with this skill, they will deal damage.


Melee: 3

Health: 16

No Fall Damage Weak Health Egg Blaster - Shoot an explosive egg that deals AoE damage of a radius of approximately 3 blocks.

Double Jump


There are 3 kits in Evolution: Darwinist, Quick Evolver, and Health Harvester.

Kit Name Gem Cost Official Description Ability
Darwinist Free "Your DNA allows you to chop cooldown times!" Cooldown- All ability cooldowns are reduced by 33%.
Quick Evolver 4000 Gems "You always had dreams of growing up..." Speedy- You evolve 25% faster.
Health Harvester Achievement Kit "Harvest health every day..." Health Harvester-You receive 100% health when you kill.



Achievement Name Criteria Gem Reward
Expert Evolver Win 20 games of Evolution. 1200 Gems
Perfect Game Win a game without dying. 2000 Gems
Stealth Mastah Win a game without taking any damage while evolving. 1000 Gems
Rampage Get 3 kills within 5 seconds of each other. 800 Gems
Melee Monster Win a game without using an Ability. 1000 Gems
Ability Assassin Win a game without using melee attacks. 1000 Gems
No Evolve 4 U Kill 25 people while they are trying to evolve. 800 Gems