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This minigame has been unavailable since Unknown.
The reason why is as follows: Complicated to some players.. For the successor to this minigame, see Evolution (2015 minigame).

Evolution is a removed minigame that was released on an unknown date. Before being removed, it was in the limited status.


There was only one team: the yellow Players team. The goal of the game was to kill the most players. The game was very much like Super Smash Mobs, in that the game used mobs as character kits and that it was a free-for-all.

While sharing similarities with Super Smash Mobs, it also shares some similarities to Search and Destroy, in that both games let the player "evolve" after getting a certain number of kills. In this game, after a player killed another player, they automatically evolved into the next kit. Players couldn't control the preset sequence of evolution. After evolving, the kit, along with its ability, is displayed in the chat. Each time you evolve, you get weaker. You start out strong, and end the game weaker.

All players had unlimited lives, and respawns were instant. Upon death or evolution, players respawned/teleported to a random part of the map. When a player died, green fireworks would flash at the place of death, along with red dye falling out of the deceased player to represent blood.

Players were displayed at the right side of the screen in green, along with a number in front of all usernames. The number denoted the number of kills a player dealt; players were organized from most kills to least kills.

It is unclear if there was a time limit.



Since players automatically evolved into the next kit after got a kill, the table below shows the order of evolution, along with their abilities. As such, all kits were free. When a player evolves, the chat will say: "You evolved into [kit]!" Players had the option to appear as themselves with their own skin, but still retain their evolutions; as such, the number of evolutions underwent was displayed under an player's username.

There are no descriptions for any of the kits, and as mentioned earlier, all kits are free. The list below details the known kits, but it is unknown if there were more.

Weapon Special Ability Notes
Iron Golem Diamond Axe Ground Pound - Deal damage to all enemies in a radius, flinging those affected into the air for even more damage in the form of fall damage. Right-click with the axe to use this skill. Cooldown - 10 seconds
Blaze Golden Sword Inferno - Shoot fire, represented by Blaze Powder, to light players on fire. Hold block with the sword to use this skill. Cooldown - 4 seconds
Slime Iron Axe Bounce - Leap in the direction the player is facing; aim at an upward angle for optimal effectiveness. If a player hits someone with this skill, they will deal damage. Right-click with the axe to use this skill. Cooldown - 8 seconds
Creeper TNT Detonate - Explode, dealing large amounts of damage to surrounding players; players close enough die instantly. Skill is used at the price of death to the player. Attack with the TNT to use this skill. 

CooldownNone (players die anyway)

Has half a shank of hunger to reduce spamming of TNT.
Enderman Iron Axe Blink - Teleport forward a short distance, releasing green fireworks into the sky in the process. 

Cooldown - 4 seconds

Skeletal Archer


Barrage - Load multiple arrows into the players bow, making incremental clicking sounds as a result. When released, fires multiple arrows at the target in a scatter-shot manner. Charge the bow to use this skill. 

CooldownNone (limited by the duration of the loading of the arrows)

Bow is not enchanted with Infinity; however, arrow instantly replenishes when used up.
Spider Stone Axe/Web Web - Throw spider webs at players, trapping them in place. Webs slowly deal damage, but dissipate in a few moments. Right-click with the axe or the web to use this skill. Cooldown - None As there is no cooldown for the ability, webs can easily be spammed to trap players indefinetely, or until they die.
Snow Golem Snowballs Snowball - Throw snowballs at enemies, dealing damage to them. Right-click to use this skill. CooldownUnknown This kit is official, but not much is known about its characteristics or evolution placement.