Flaming Pumpkins are an event-only item made available only during Halloween events.

Flaming Pumpkin2

The official drawing for a Flaming Pumpkin on the Mineplex page.

2014 Halloween Horror EventEdit

During the 2014 Halloween Horror Event they were released a week after the start of the event, on October 24th, 2014, and were removed on November 7th, 2014. They were pumpkins with a flame particle around them.

Flaming Pumpkins randomly spawned in games and were very rare to find, for good reason. Once broken with a left click, they would release their large bounty of Coins.

The more players in a server, the more frequently Flaming Pumpkins would spawn, in order for it to be fairer. As a result, it had been suggested to go to large servers for an optimal chance to get Pumpkins. Bridges was determined to be the optimal server. Even though Castle Siege 2.0 has 100 players, it would not be easy to get a pumpkin because of all the Defenders and Undead rushing around.

2015 Halloween Horror EventEdit

During the 2015 Halloween Horror event they were released at the same time as the start of the event, on October 9th, 2015, and are not yet removed as of October 11th, 2015. They are Pumpkin blocks that turn into Jack-O-Lanterns and back very quickly to give them a blinking appearance. They also have a large area of flame particle effects surrounding them.
Flaming Pumpkin

A Flaming Pumpkin in-game.

Flaming Pumpkins now also have three possible loot outcomes: a small pack of Coins, a small pack of Treasure Shards and Gems, or the extremely rare Titan Rank. Obtaining the rank will result in a server-wide message being shown on everyone's screen "(username) was the (insert number) to obtain Titan Rank!".

2016 Pumpkin's Revenge Event Edit

During the 2016 Pumpkin's Revenge Event they were released 3 days before the start of the event, on October 10th, 2016, and were removed on November 3th, 2016. Their appearance hasn't changed that year.

Next to Shards and Gems, they could drop different Treasure Chests like Ancient Chests, but also Omega Chests have been confirmed.

2017 Halloween Event Edit

During the 2017 Halloween Event, the Flaming Pumpkins returned to the PC edition as usual. They were released on October 13th, along with the rest of the Halloween additions. For the first time though, they were also released to the Bedrock edition.

Special Notes Edit

  • In Turf Wars, Flaming Pumpkins would not drop Coins or Gems.
  • In SkyWars and Micro Battle, Flaming Pumpkins would not fall into the void when the world crumbled.
  • In Master Builders, Flaming Pumpkins would not drop Coins or Gems.

2018 Halloween Event Edit

During the 2018 Halloween Event, the flaming pumpkins were back on Java edition. However, they were more rare to find that the previous years. The pumpkins still dropped gems and shards, however no chests. One exclusive cosmetic had a slight chance of being found in the pumpkins: the diamond sword name 'Oooh Shiny'.