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Tag forum management

The current Forum Management tag.

Forum Management (FM) is a Senior Moderator team that oversees the Mineplex forums. Their tasks are similar to Forum Management Assistants, in which members of the team punish rule breakers, move, lock and delete threads alongside other moderation actions. Forum Managers also have the task of processing player appeals alongside mentoring & monitoring Forum Management Assistance members.

Forum Managers are typically hand-selected from members of the Forum Management Assistance sub-team by Forum Management.

GWEN appeals are only dealt with by Quality Assurance members.

Previously called Forum Ninjas, the team was renamed to Forum Management on August 12, 2020. This change was put in place to represent the responsibilities of the team members more clearly.[1]

Tag forum

The previous Forum Ninja forum tag.

Current Forum Ninja Tag

Previous Forum Ninja tag.


Previous Forum Ninja tag.

Forum Managers[]

The team is lead by chhase.

A list of members can be found here.


  1. "Forum Staff Updates" – Thread by Wanderer, posted on August 12, 2020.