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The Forum Management Assistance (FMA) team is a Moderator+ exclusive subteam which is in charge of moderating the forums. They are able to punish forum rule breakers through warning points, lock, move and delete threads. In general, they contribute to the betterment of the forums, ensuring it is a good environment for all users.

Additionally, the team consists of two internal groups – the documents team and the appeals team.

Those on the documents team are working on internal documents and threads regarding the forums, which are at times released publicly too.

On the other hand, the appeals team assists Forum Managers with handling appeals.

Previously called Forum Moderators, the team was renamed to Forum Management Assistance on August 12, 2020. This change was put in place to represent the responsibilities of the team members more clearly.[1]

Forum Management Assistance is the first step in becoming a Forum Manager minus actually getting to the Moderator position.


The team is led by chhase, the FM Admin and Marzie, a Forum Manager.

Staff on the team[]

A list of members can be found here. Additionally, you can view FMs and FMAs here.


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