Game Commands are commands that affect the player on Mineplex. They are present in the LobbyGame Wait Rooms, and Games.

List of Available Commands Edit

Intangible Commands Edit

These commands can only be accessed by typing in their code into the chat.

Mineplex is very strict about their commands. Any plugins that may reveal information about their server (such as plugins) is not allowed. /plugins, /version or any of their aliases returns the "You are not allowed to use this command in-game, contact your server administrator"...

/taunt Edit

Activates the player's selected taunt.

/a Edit

When used, the command will send a message visible only to Staff members inside of your current game/lobby. Should be primarily used for questions/concerns to staff members.

The command is:

  • /a <message>

/game Edit

Used by Admins and above to manually set a game for the server to run, start the game, or stop the current game. It is only available to Admins and above, but also to Event hosts and co-hosts.

The command is:

  • /game start
  • /game stop
  • /game set <Game Name> @m<Map> @e<Gametype> @s<Map Rotation>

/ea Edit

In EVENT servers, using this command contacts all staff in the current EVENT lobby/game. Doing /ea by itself does nothing, however adding a message will show up the prefix of “Event Chat”. Staff members mainly use it for asking questions that are related to the event.

The command is:

  • /ea <message>

/server (Server) Edit

  • No arguments: Tells you what server within the network you're currently in
  • Entering a server tag: Tries to connect the player to the requested server

/dm Edit

(Death Match) In Survival Games, as soon as a certain amount of time has elapsed or players remain, players can do /dm to teleport all players to the center of the map after 60 seconds. This command has been removed with the 2018 Survival Games update.

/suddendeath Edit

Initiates sudden death in CTF, general permissions are only granted in MPSs to Co-Hosts+.

/ping Edit

The /ping command functions as a connection measurement by responding with the phrase, "Chat> PONG!", whenever the command is executed. It is traditionally used to approximate a player's ms per ping, although not the most effective method. In most of the server's history, /ping as a bukkit feature was previously disabled (Unknown command) until its release.

/tell Edit

The /tell command, when used with /tell [player] [message], allows the use of private messaging. Players can also type /msg, /m, /r, /t, or /w. You can also do /msg or /tell without a message for a random funny line. (Assuming you have random messages enabled in your preferences).

/amplifier Edit

The /amplifier command allows you to thank people who have set up an amplifier for a game. The command is:

  • /amplifier thank [game] - Thanks a player who has setup an amplifier for a game. Keep in mind the spaces are replaced with underscores ("_")

/friend Edit

The /friend command displays the friends you have, including their username and how long they've been offline. Having friends will let players teleport to each other's lobby with the click of a button, leading to easier party-ups (note that you will not be teleported if your target is on the US server and you are on the EU server, or vice versa). Players can also type in /f.

The commands are:

  • /friend [player] - Friend a player.
  • /unfriend [player] - Remove a friend from your friend's list.
  • /f <player> - Alias for /friend

/spec Edit

The /spec command allows you to change between player and spectator mode, and, if you are a spectator, to teleport to specific player.

The commands are:

  • /spec - Change between player and spectator mode. Disabled when a game is being played.
  • /spec [player] - Teleport to a player. Only allowed when being a spectator.
  • /spectator [player] - Alias for /spec [player]


This command is used to ignore people.

The command is

  • /ignore [player]
  • /unignore [player]

Afterwards, the player's messages won't appear in chat. To access the list of your ignored played, do /ignore. You can then undelete someone by clicking the red "Delete" button next to their name.

/report Edit

This command is used to report players in-game. It is only available to Heroes, previously only Titans, and above as it is still being tested, Mineplex has not released when/if they will allow everyone access to the command. 

The command is:

  • /report [player] [reason]

After that, a GUI will pop up, letting you choose the offense (Gameplay Offenses, Chat Offenses or Client Offenses). After selecting one of those, the player will be successfully reported, and a staff member should get notified soon.

/chatsnap Edit

Captures all available chat and generates a unique ID to include in a report. A member of Reports Patrol would then use this ID to review the chat to determine if a punishment is warranted. The command is available for Titans+. While creating a forum report Titans+ must either have a chatsnap link included in it or state that they have reached their max.

/team Edit

This command can be used to team with another player (in team based games, where team consists of two players). If however you are in a lobby, the command will assign you to the color that you choose. (Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue). This will allow you to participate in the KOTH and Slimeball gamemode. The latter feature has been removed with the 2018 Hub Update.

  • /team [player]
  • /team [Color]

Communities Edit

/com Edit

Main article: Communities

Map info Edit

Allows you to know the name of the map and its creator at any moment.

/mapinfo or /whatmap

/emotes Edit

Displays a list of all the chat emotes. This command is only available for Titans and Eternals.

Tangible Commands Edit

These commands can, along with being typed, be accessed by clicking their icon in your hotbar.

Game Menu Edit

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Lobby Menu Edit

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Return to Hub Command Edit


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Cosmetic Menu Edit

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/party Edit

The /party command allows you to party up with someone, as in create a group. Doing this will let both players join the same server, leading to gameplays with a friend. However, only leaders (the creator of the group) can choose which game to play. All attempts for other players to go to a different game are denied unless they leave the group. Note that both players need to be in the same lobby in order to party-up unless you type the player's full username.

The commands are:

  • /party [player] - Join a party, create a party, or invite a player to your party. Only leaders can invite, members of the party can suggest players to be invited.
  • /party accept [player] - Accept a party invite.
  • /party deny [player] - Deny a party invite.
  • /party leave - Leave your current party.
  • /party kick [player] - Kick a player from your party.
  • /openinvitesmenu - See all of your party invites.
  • /z <user> - Alias for /party
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Rule Book Edit


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Statistics Edit


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Preferences Edit


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Tracking Compass Edit

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Host Server Edit



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Auto Join Edit

Works as if you had just clicked with the Emerald Block labeled “Go to Next best game”. You are also able to do this in lobbies as long as the countdown has not started.

/gotonextbestgame or /nbg

Kits Edit

/kit or /kits (Only works in game lobbies, before the game starts.)

Main article: Kits

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