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The Game Insights team, or more commonly known as GI, consists of community and staff members who are extremely knowledgeable of games to propose game and kit balancing changes. Game Insights is a Quality Assurance subteam.

The team is run by rosmeme, the Quality Assurance Admin.

It was announced publicly on April 1, 2016.


The Game Insights team and discord servers play a support role in Mineplex's development and design arm. Feedback from Game Insights is mainly used for advisory purposes, therefore, some things will not make it into a final game update. The goal is to give constructive, insightful feedback and suggestions on the various mini-games across the server.

Previous projects and accomplishments[]

Since its creation, the team has been involved in many Mineplex projects that involve balance patches and game refreshes. Recent examples include:

Team Layout[]

Mineplex staff and community members are able to join the Game Insights team, based on their activity in the GI discord and on the Minplex network. The Category Leads help manage and monitor their respective GI category, Classics, Arcade or Hardcore.

Category Lead Responsibilities[]

  • Recruit and monitor members on their respective teams
  • Moderate their respective game channels
  • Process ideas and feedback for their respective category
  • Coordinate with Quality Assurance on testing sessions for new updates
  • Work with Community Management to create feedback reports for updates

Member Tasks[]

The roles and operations of GI members on the team include;

  • Maintaining documents for their respective game(s)
  • Participating in discussions with other GI members as well as community members
  • Testing future maps or games for their designated game alongside members of the Quality Assurance team.
  • Having closer communication with the Design Team

Communication platform[]

Game Insights operates out of a Discord server: Mineplex Game Insights. Game Insights used to operate out of four discords, however the Minestrike discord was merged into the General discord in 2017, the Champions discord was merged on January 2, 2018 into the General discord and Smash discord was merged on February 7th, 2019.

The discord has topics and channels corresponding to their game. GI members, staff, and leadership use these discords to discuss gameplay, kits, mechanics, maps, and more. 

Joining the team/discord[]

Game Insights does not operate on an application-based process, but as invite-only. However, community and staff members are able to join these discord servers and work with Game Insights members in discussions, documents, etc. In order to join the Discord, you must message a GI Lead or Category Lead. Active members in these discord servers are eligible for consideration by the managers for a place on the GI team. You may be invited to join the team if a Category Lead and the GI Leads deem you knowledgeable enough about a certain game.

Screenshot 1-1

Game Insights Discord Icons, including the now closed Champions and Smash Discord

You may find the official thread here. [1]


Game Insights Management:

  • rosmeme (Team Lead)
  • Veans (Hardcore Category Lead)
  • rey (Clans Category Lead)
  • Eclipse (Clans Category Lead)
  • OhCrazy (Classics Category Lead)
  • crazygeek516 (Classics Category Lead)
  • rilau (Arcade Category Lead)
  • zapig (Bedrock Category Lead)

Game Insights Members:

A list of members can be found here.