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Not to be confused with Gem Hunter (Achievement).

1.4 billion blocks. 109 fully explorable buildings. 100 players all fighting to be the best!

Mineplex Twitter, [1]

Gem Hunters is an open world styled game on the PC version of Mineplex. In the game, players have to search a large city for chests filled with loot, possibly having to kill others in your way. Players are able to Cash Out Gems, Treasure Shards, Treasure Chests (Mythical, Illuminated, even Omega chests), Cosmetics and even Rank upgrades.

Prior to May 4th, 2017[2], the game was only available for early testing for PPC and Eternal-ranked members. The game was released in a closed beta stage on February 24th. The game while still being classified as a Beta game is playable by any member of the server.


Gem Hunters is a never ending game (similar to Clans) with up to 100 players that takes place in Mineplex City, a large city currently under anarchy, although some players make "truce servers", where no one kills anyone else without purpose. To enter the world of Gem Hunters a player gets an entry payment of 100 Gems.

After spawning in, the players are given a map and an emerald used to Cash Out. Players are free to explore Mineplex City. Players can also kill each other, but some players make "truce servers", where no one kills anyone else without purpose. Teaming with others is allowed.

During the game, players can find chests scattered around the map. Chests can contain various types of loot, including Food, Weapons, Tools, almost Broken Flint and Steels (rarely), Armor Pieces, Gems, Chests of Holding (which unlocks more of your inventory, allowing you to store more stuff), Cosmetics, Treasure Shards (5000 Shards) and Rank Upgrades (but very rarely). 

If a player wants to leave, keeping all the Gems, Chests, and Cosmetics but leaving behind the rest, the player can Cash Out by clicking the Emerald. After clicking the emerald, the player has to stay still for 10 seconds. If they move while Cashing Out, the process gets canceled. However, depending on what kind of items the player carries, they might not be able to cash out immediately:

  • Cosmetics – Unable to cash out for 5 minutes after collecting the item.
  • Treasure Shards - Unable to cash out for 5 minutes after collecting the item.

In that time, other players are left free to kill them (even in safezones) and collect the rare item. This promotes PvP fights, due to these players with valuables being marked on the Map with a blue pointer.

The game also offers other objectives besides getting the best loot you can. World Events, Supply Drops, and Player Quests also offer different styles of gameplay that allows for a more diverse range of things to do while playing Gem Hunters.

Gem Hunters has Supply Drops, where every 16 Minutes, on a randomly chosen landmark of the city, a supply drop will appear.  This supply drop is delivered by a helicopter. Supply drops contain more rare and strong loot and have a higher chance of containing a chest item or a chest of holding. Locations for the supply drop include:

  • Basketball Court
  • GWEN-Mart
  • Pier
  • Harbour
  • Construction Site
  • Airport Runway
  • Power Plant

There are two "Safe Zones" placed around the map: the West and the East Safe Zones. Inside Safe Zones, PvP is disabled, and there are randomly named villagers that either sell items to players or buy items from players, giving the players gems in return. The items available to buy include, but not limited to: armor pieces, weapons, food, raw materials and other items. Each item costs gems. Even though PvP is disabled, you can be attacked while cashing out in a safe zone or have rare items in your inventory.

When a player dies, the dead player drops all its items and gems.

After cashing out, you can use the obtained Gems, Cosmetics and Chests anywhere else on the server.