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This minigame is unavailable.
The reason why is as follows: Did not pass beta testing stage due to complexity and bugs.. For the successor to this minigame, see Gravity 2.0.

Gravity is a Removed minigame on Mineplex that was released as a Beta minigame on March 13, 2014, and removed shortly thereafter. Players must be the last to survive in a map with various space debris, by outlasting their opponents and shooting them out to space.

Aim of the Game[]

Survive in a deadly map of broken satellite parts!

How to Play[]

There is only one kit (Astronaut) and one team (players). You will start the game attached to a wall. Press Q while holding your sword to leave the wall and float of into space. Left click to unleash a sonic blast which will knock other players flying. Hold block (right click) in the direction you want to go in to use your jetpack; note you have limited fuel, so use it sparingly and only when needed. The health bar on the right indicates your oxygen level, which you can refill by landing on the cube of emerald blocks in the middle of the map. Green fireworks indicate jetpack refuling stations, so you should try and retrieve them.


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