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See also: Halloween Horror, Pumpkin's Revenge

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Halloween Havoc is an event-exclusive Holiday minigame released on 11th October, 2020. 4 players can join a server.

In this gamemode, you need to save Halloween from the Pumpkin King once more. There are over 10 areas in the map you must reach in order to progress through out the game, and if you do not complete the game in the given time, you lose.


This game had PvE style of gameplay, just like the past Halloween game. However, unlike other games, if a player is killed, it will be announced on the screen and in chat and from that moment the other players will have a short delay to save him before he cannot rejoin the game. To revive a player, you have to stand next to him a certain amount of time until the progress bar above the corpse is filled up.

Game Course[]

The Village (Time: 5-10 min)[]

Players spawn in a village with tons of mobs spawning at once. The players must kill all the mobs in order to proceed towards the clocktower and go down into the sewers.

The Sewers (Time: 5 min)[]

Once players fall into the sewer they must navigate the sewers in order to reach to the end. On the way Zombies, Skeletons, and Spiders spawn to prevent the players from reaching the end. Once you've reached the end, you will be launch up and out of the sewers.

The Plaza (Time: 10-15 min)[]

You must fight off a crowd of mobs once you are out of the sewers, and once you've killed them all you need to enter the green particle square. Once the progress bar is 100% the giant spawns and you must kill the giant. The giant attacks you if you're too close to it and locks on to a new player every 10 seconds. The giant also has a special attack where he slams everyone in the air and spawns extra mobs. After you've killed the giant, Gendo the Angel spawns and you must kill him. He spawns corrupted carls, mages, knights, and TNT spawns. Once he dies the Molten Snake spawns and you must get past the Zombie Pigmen.

Hh giant

Halloween Havoc Giant

The Mines (Time: 10-15 min)[]

You must have at least 1 player pushing the minecart while going down the mine. A cobblestone barrier blocks the minecart and in order to get past it you must kill all the mobs and click the 2 levers and once this happens, 2 TNTs drop making the cobblestone wall blow up. Once you've pushed the minecart all the way to the bottom you're faced with 4 challenges. The first is a memorization game using buttons, the next is a Lamp game where you must make all lamps light up, after that you must shoot 10 pumpkins with a bow and finally you must complete the light puzzle. Once all is completed, you must complete the Maze before the time runs out. Once you've completed the Maze you must now push the minecart through little extra bits of the mine until you've reached the end point. Once you're here you must fight off the Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, and Witches while pushing the minecart up the wooden structure. Once you've cleared out the level the minecart blows up the debris blocking the exit.

Parkour & Molten Snake (Time: 10-15 min)[]

Once you've entered the area the debris was blocking, you get all your abilities taken from you and you must parkour up the Volcano. Lava is rising so you must parkour up as fast as possible. If a player dies, they respawn at a checkpoint, but once that checkpoint is unreachable the players respawn at the end of the parkour. After you've completed this, the Molten Snake spawns and you must kill it either by attacking its head or tail. It spawns pigmen and lava source blocks.

Hh molten snake

Halloween havoc molten snake

The Ships (Time: 10-15 min)[]

Everyone must board the ship and enter the green particle box, and once everyone has reached there it throws you towards the next ship. Here you must fight off all the mobs until no more are to be seen, once this is completed path blocks are spawned to give you a path towards the next ship, but beware skeletons are guarding the entrance. Once you've boarded the next ship you must fight off zombie berserkers, zombie mages, zombie archers, zombie rouges. regular zombies, and charged creepers. Once all is cleared the Pumpkin Prince spawns and you must kill him, he will continue to spawn even more berserkers, mages, archers, and rouges. After you've killed him the boat begins to get destroyed by lightning.

The Pumpkin King (Time: 15 min)[]

Once the prince is dead, the boat begins to get struck by lightning and you all fall into the water, but the water leads you to the Pumpkin Kings lair. First, the players will need to destroy the king's blaze shield which makes him invulnerable. Then, they will be able to kill the king. During the fight, the king will spawn in Corrupted Carls and pumplings. In some areas, the ground will become red. Pumpkin roots will appear from there or anvils will start falling on there. The King locks onto different players and the players must kill the king.


The game features 3 difficulties.

Normal Mode: Normal difficulty, recommended when you first attempt to win the game.

Challenger Mode: Very Hard difficulty, only recommended for the most skilled and advanced players.

Insanity Mode: This is the hardest difficult and in order to play it, you must've already completed Halloween Havoc Challenger in this year.


XP Gems Shards Weapon Name Title
Complete HH 5000 5000 2000 None Spooky Season 2021
Complete Challenger 20000 20000 4000 Hash-Slinging Slasher None
Under 18mins (HHC) 45000 45000 10000 Lightweight Speedy Boi



NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Beserker (Halloween Havoc) Right-Click Axe to use Flame Charge

Right-Click Spade to use Seismic Slam

Take 85% knockback

Deal 115% knockback

File:Diamond Axe1 (grid).pngDiamond Axe

Iron Shovel (grid)Iron Shovel

Diamond Helmet (grid)Diamond Helmet

Diamond Chestplate (grid)Diamond Chestplate

Diamond Leggings (grid)Diamond Leggings

Diamond Boots (grid) Diamond Boots

Free kit Nether Star Ultimate: Gain Speed II, 10 extra hearts and for the next 10 seconds.
Kit Description: None


NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Mage (Halloween Havoc) Block with Sword to use Blizzard

Right-Click Hoe to use Fire Blast

Sneak to use Healing Wisps, gives Regeneration II to nearby allies.

Golden Sword (grid) Golden Sword

Golden Hoe (grid)Golden Hoe

Golden Helmet (grid)Chain Helmet

Golden Chestplate (grid)Chain Chestplate

Golden Leggings (grid)Chain Leggings

Golden Boots (grid) Chain Boots

Free kit Nether Star Ultimate: Stop any movement for all nearby enemies. Nearby Allies gain Resistance II and heal 1 heart every 2 seconds
Kit Description: None


NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Archer (Halloween Havoc) Hold Right Click with Sword to use Wolf’s Pounce

Charge Bow to use Barrage Left-Click Bow to use Quick Shot

Receive 1 Arrow every 2 seconds. Max 5

Stone Sword (grid) Stone Sword

Bow (grid)Bow

Chain Helmet (grid)Chain Helmet

Chain Chestplate (grid)Chain Chestplate

Chain Leggings (grid)Chain Leggings

Chain Boots (grid) Chain Boots

Free kit Nether Star Ultimate: Fires a constant barrage of arrows for 8 seconds.
Kit Description: None


NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Rogue (Halloween Havoc) Right-Click Sword to use Swift Strike

Right-Click Axe to use Recall

Double tap your jump key to Double Jump

Diamond Sword (grid) Diamond Sword

Iron Axe (grid)Iron Axe

Leather CapLeather Cap

Leather TunicLeather Tunic

Leather PantsLeather Pants

Leather Boots (grid) Leather Boots

Free kit Nether Star Ultimate: All attacks in the next 5 seconds deal 10 extra hearts of damage
Kit Description: None


  • Spook, Spook, alles is Spook by Mineplex Build Team

Tips concerning Challenger Mode[]

  • It is important to always have mages and rogues. Mages' Ultimate can be very useful to save someone when they die. On the other hand, Rogues are able to quickly navigate through the map, and they deal a lot of damage without receiving too much hits.
  • Avoid dying. This might appear to be common sense but usually, one death leads to the death of the others' death while they are trying to rescue the dead person.
  • Always take out mobs capable of range attacks first. This include switches and skeletons, as well as spiders as they are able to reach most camping spots. Corrupted Carls are extremely dangerous and can take out several players at once. Be extremly careful while fighting against them.
  • Mages need to heal their teammates as soon as possible. This means that they need to spam their 'crouching' key.
  • When fighting Gendo make sure to run as fast as possible when a Corrupted Carl spawns.
  • The parkour is quite straightforward. However, be aware of the presence of 'Quad jumps', which require momentum to be completed. If one player completes the parkour, they can revive the dead players who spawn at the end.
  • The maze is easy to complete in normal difficulty. There are two ways out: one by going straight away on the left, the other by continuing forward and turning on the right. The challenger mode maze is more complex, but here is a video of how to complete it.
  • While fighting the molten snake, it is recommended that mages and archers stand on the sides or camp on the cobwebs where they cannot be reached. It will permit them to shoot it safely.
  • In the king's room, stand on the ledges of the pillars in order to camp the Pumpkin King.