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Horsemen must charge the ruins. Horsemen win if they rid the ruins of Undead. Undead must defend the ruins. Undead win when all Horsemen are dead. Teams swap after the game is over.

Mineplex chat

Horseback is a Rejected minigame on Mineplex that was released on an unknown date. The game code was never finished.

Aim of the game[]

According to the chat instructions, the Horsemen's goal is to attack the Undead to get control of the ruins. The Undead need to defend the ruins and kill all Horsemen.

However, no actual game features have been added to the code yet.


Contrary to the game description, there is only one team, which is the Players team. All players automatically join this team.

Due to no gameplay code available, the teams could only fight each other. Unless someone stops the game manually or the game timeout is enabled, it would never stop.


No maps are currently available for this game.


Undead (Defence)[]

Horseback Marksman[]

NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Bow Skeleton Fletcher (Receive 1 arrow every 2 seconds. Max 4 Bow Bow
Leather Cap Leather Cap
Leather Tunic Leather Shirt
Leather Pants Leather Pants
Leather Boots (grid) Leather Boots
Free kit Regular statistics
Kit Description: Able to shoot arrows that can stop horses


Horseback Knight[]

NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Iron Sword Zombie Iron Skin (Takes 1 less damage) Iron Sword (grid) Iron Sword
Iron Helmet (grid) Iron Helmet
Iron Chestplate (grid) Iron Chestplate
Iron Leggings (grid) Iron Leggings
Iron Boots (grid) Iron Boots
Free kit Regular statistics
Kit Description: Rides a large warhorse, and can take a beating


No rewards have been added yet.


  • As the game is not set up correctly using the game constructor, it would not even be able to start


No special messages appear.


  • This is one of many rejected games that were most likely only in staff testing and never released to the public.
  • The feature of automatically swapping the teams (as described in the chat) was not developed and would not be in use for any other game


Nothing is known about game additions, removals, fixes or changes.