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Lord rank picture

The official Lord Rank artwork.

Lady rank

The official Lady Rank artwork.

The Lord Rank, also simply known as Lord, is a premium rank that was made available on the Mineplex Pocket Edition server on January 3rd, 2017. Lord costs 1690 Minecoins or $9.99 for a lifetime purchase. Lord has the same perks as the Knight Rank, and more. The Lord rank also a female alternative: the Lady rank which shares the same rank benefits.

Tag lord

The current Lord forum tag.

Tag lady

The current Lady forum tag.

Current Benefits (Not Including Knight Benefits)[]

Lord Tag

The old Lord forum tag.

  • All Member benefits
  • Lime Lord Tag
  • Lime Lord prefix in chat
    Lord rank chat
Lady rank chat
  • Monthly bonus of 3 Royal Crates
  • Lords gain an additional 100% Treasure Shard Bonus at the end of a game
  • Exclusive Warrior Pet
  • Exclusive Golden Cascade Particles
  • Exclusive Lordly Leap Double Jump
  • Exclusive Gilded Arrows Arrow Trail
  • Exclusive Royal Boots, Leggings, and Cloak Costume
  • Increased max party size to 12 More people, more fun!