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The Map Testing Team (MTT) is a public subteam composed of both players, builders and staff members. The team's job is to test maps created by the Build Team and the community to ensure they're up to standard before being pushed to the server.


The Map Testing Team is lead by the Build Lead, Mappable with the assistance of the other Build Leads. 


A list of members can be found here.


Applications for the team are currently closed. Applications will re-open when there is a need for more members.

Additionally, previous members are able to reinstate back onto the team as long as they are meeting the following requirements[1]:

  • Must have resigned within the last 6 months. Can't have been demoted.
  • Must have left on good terms. No bad-mouthing anyone on the team, the team itself, or excessive toxicity on the network unrelated to the team.
  • Must have been active on the team at the time you were on it.


  1. "Map Testing Team Applications & Reinstatements", forums thread posted by Dutty on October 1, 2020.