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Master Builders is a Classic minigame on Mineplex that was released on May 3rd, 2015. Like SkyWars, the game was never released as a Beta minigame. In Master Builders, players must create a structure using a full Creative inventory based on a theme; afterwards, all players must judge each creation based on a number of criteria. In this way, the game takes an unusual deviant from most Mineplex minigames in that all players are in creative mode. You can't see other players to build. You can stay in the plot and build yourself.


Unlike most minigames, there are no teams in Master Builders, even though there is a pedestal for where the team selection would be. But no teams are shown. When the game starts, players are presented a theme, and are given 5 minutes to build a creation that best matches said theme.

Players spawn in an enclosed section surrounded by walls (with the exception of the sky) in order to prevent cheating; if they try to fly through the opening at the top, they will be prevented from doing so. Another restriction is that they can only build within their area, a space enclosed by brown clay, within their section.

Players have full access to Creative Mode abilities, with the exception of most commands and breaking restricted blocks. Partially replacing commands is the Options menu, represented by a diamond in the player's inventory. Upon right-clicking on the menu, players have several options to choose from. In addition, options are also available for mobs; when the latter are spawned, right-clicking will bring up their menu in order to set their options.

Option Choices
Change Ground
  • Black Stained Clay.png Black Stained Clay
  • Block of Quartz.png Block of Quartz
  • Cobblestone.png Cobblestone
  • Dirt.png Dirt
  • End Stone (grid).png End Stone
  • Grass Block.png Grass Block
  • Lava.png Lava
  • Light Blue Stained Clay.png Light Blue Stained Clay
  • Lime Stained Clay.png Lime Stained Clay
  • Mycelium.png Mycelium
  • Netherrack.png Netherrack
  • Oak Wood Planks (grid).png Oak Wood Planks
  • Pink Stained Clay.png Pink Stained Clay
  • Sand.png Sand
  • Stone.png Stone
  • Stone Bricks.png Stone Bricks
  • Water.png Water
  • White Stained Clay.png White Stained Clay
  • Yellow Stained Clay.png Yellow Stained Clay
Flight Speed Feather (grid).png Speed level represented by number of feathers.
  • Left-click to increase
  • Shift Left-click to decrease
  • Bone Meal.png Big White Smoke
  • Ink Sac.png Black Smoke
  • Coal.gif Black Specks
  • Stal Disc.png Black Swirls
  • Orange Dye.png Brown Magic
  • Emerald (grid).png Emerald Sparkle
  • Book.png Enchantment Words
  • Fire Charge (grid).png Explosion
  • Blaze Powder.png Flame
  • Leather Boots (grid).png Foot Step [sic]
  • TNT (grid).png Huge Explosion
  • Lava Bucket (grid).png Lava Debris
  • Lava Bucket (grid).png Lava Drip
  • Dandelion Yellow.png Lightning Cloud
  • Apple.png Love Heart
  • Jukebox.png Musical Note
  • Purple Dye.png Portal Effect
  • Pink Dye.png Purple Magic
  • Rose Red.png Red Smoke
  • Slimeball.png Slime Particles
  • Snowball.png Snow Puffs
  • Cyan Dye.png Teal Magic
  • 11 Disc.png Transparent Black Swirls
  • Water Bucket.png Water Drip
  • Lapis Lazuli.png Water Splash
  • Light Gray Dye.png White Smoke
  • Ghast Tear.png White Sparkle
  • Strad Disc.png White Swirls
  • Water Bucket.png Raining
  • Gold Nugget.png Storming
  • Sunflower.png Sunny
Time of Day Clock (grid).png 6 AM-6 AM, multiples of three.
Mob Options[Note 1][Note 2][Note 3]
  • Feather.png Allow pushing [mob]
  • Clay.png Decrease size
  • TNT (grid).png Delete [mob][Note 4]
  • Clay block.png Increase size
  • Blaze Rod (grid).png Make baby


After the five minutes of building time have elapsed, the minigame will move into its voting phase. All players will visit other players' creations together, one by one to vote. While voting, players can freely fly around but cannot affect the build in any way. After 10 seconds of voting have passed, the next creation will cycle on, whether or not all players have voted. Players cannot vote for their own creations. Although they have no direct impact on the game, there are three criteria Mineplex encourages players to judge by. After the voting of the one build is over. It will say "Built by: (user)"

Criteria Description
Effort How hard the player worked on their creation. Just because a creation has good quality doesn't mean the player had much trouble working on it. A serious build needs to have some effort put into it; otherwise, the player is capable of much more.
Creativity How original the creation was. A creation that has good quality may have been ubiquitously around for a while, and so it lessens the effort put into it, including the amount of brainstorming done. Players should go for something that is unusual, but stays true to the theme.
Quality How well the creation was physically constructed. The theme is artfully expressed in a seamless build, and is not just one bland material for the entire construct.

After players have made their final decisions, they will compile them into an overall score.

Points given Rating Final Rating[Note 5]
0 Red Stained Glass Pane.png MY EYES ARE BLEEDING! Hate it
1 Orange Stained Glass Pane.png MEH... Not much
2 Yellow Stained Glass Pane.png It's okay... Ok
3 Lime Stained Glass Pane.png Good Good
4 Light Blue Stained Glass Pane.png Amazing Great
5 Purple Stained Glass Pane.png WOW! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME![Note 6] Awesome

After the voting phase for a creation is over, the votes are recorded by the server without being shown to any players. The final rating is then shown on-screen, along with the creator. If a player, on average, receives a "MY EYES ARE BLEEDING" rating for their creation, it is blown up.

After the entire minigame is over, the server will determine the total score allocated to each player. Each player can give a total of 100 offscreen points to all players; the amount of points each player gives is calculated based on the aforementioned votes. A score is determined by comparing the player's ratings with their other ratings; similar ratings from a player result in a similar amount of points allocated, while a large rating contrast results in a diverse number of points issued.[Note 7] The player with the highest amount of points received wins.


The following map images display only a section of the map, as the other sections are identical.


Kit Official description Special ability Cost
Builder Can I build it!? Yes I can!
  • Access to Creative inventory.
  • Flight.
  • Ability to control ground type, flight speed, particles, weather, and time of day.

General tips

Modular Building

Since one build voting criteria is effort, players may find trouble in making their build in the time limit. To help with this, players could use the Modular Building strategy.

Step Description Example
First, players should create the bare minimum of their build idea, making sure that they don't spend too much time on it. It just has to be what the finished product has to have to be successful.
Modular Building (step 1).png
Now, players have the option to change the time of day, weather, and ground if needed, to match their build idea. This is an easy, quick way to create immersion, and is a good way to show that the player put effort into their project.
Modular Building (step 2).png
Then, players should embellish what they've created, which includes adding detail, exchanging building materials with a different block, and adding particles. The majority of the player's time should be spent in this phase in order to create something according to their exact specifications.
Modular Building (step 3).png
If there is time left, players could check over their build to make sure no mistakes were made and that all criteria have been satisfied. Small improvements can be made, provided that enough time is allotted so that the player is not caught with a half-done implementation. None

Steps 1 and 2 may be completed in an inverse order; however, it is recommended to do steps 3 and 4 in the listed order.


Achievement Requirement Reward
Master Builder Win 30 games of Master Builders. 1000 Gems
Master Builders Master Achievement Unlock all achievements in Master Builders. TBD

Gem Rewards

The list below shows the maximum sum of Gems a player may earn at any given time without any boosters of any sort. Gem earnings are rounded down and sorted alphabetically, excluding variables.

Gems Reason
10 Participation
x/5 x Build Points
3-9 Voting Fairly


Main article: Updates

May 9th, 2015 - Build Voting Update

  • Voting system revamped; no longer 0-5 points mid-game.
    • Comparative system introduced; based on the quality of the build compared to other builds.
    • Player distributes 100 points to opposing players based on new system.
    • Voting occurs at the end of the round.

May 3rd, 2015 - Master Builders

  • Master Builders released to public.


  1. Only available by right-clicking on a mob.
  2. Some choices are only available to certain mobs.
  3. Ghasts, endermites, squids, and rabbits cannot be spawned.
  4. Punching the mob instantly kills it in a soundless explosion, the same function as this.
  5. This feature has been mostly removed.
  6. This phrase, coupled with minigame's name of Master Builders, suggests that the latter is based in small part on The Lego Movie.
  7. The reason for this has been stated as being that players who rate similarly believe that the builds in question have similar quality. Therefore, a related amount of points should be given.