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Merry Mayhem is a Holiday minigame on Mineplex Bedrock. In Merry Mayhem, hordes of zombies attack Santa Claus and try to stop him from giving presents. You and your team must defend Santa and his workshop from the oncoming enemy hordes and save Christmas.

Merry Mayhem was the first holiday minigame to appear on the Mineplex Bedrock Server and to this day, has been the only holiday game mode on the server.


The Merry Mayhem Game mode was launched during December 2016 as a Holiday 2016 Event. It was the very first seasonal games to debut on the Bedrock platform and is currently the only one with multiple re-releases each year. So far it has acted as the 2016 and 2017 Holiday event.

Only one map was made for this game which has been used since it's launch. This map has a dark cave at one end where all the mobs arrive from and Santas workshop on the other end with Santa standing outside. Between these two points lies a path made out of ice which snakes around hills and trees.


The game is based off the "Tower Defense" genres Mechanics of placing down towers to kill off incoming waves of enemies in order to defend a home base which, in this case, is Santa and his workshop.

In this take of the Tower Defense genre, players have to collect snow by mining snow piles which gather up gradually on the floor, and use them to buy towers which they can place. These towers damage the incoming hordes of Zombies, Skeletons, and Spiders. The towers can be placed anywhere across the ice road, snaking through the center of the map.

The enemies which follow the path, heading towards the workshop, will try to damage Santa once they reach him. Once Santa's health is depleted, everyone will lose the game. If the players help Santa survive till the timer runs out, they win!


There were 4 different Towers you could purchase. Due to the lack of game information, these towers can't be very well documented.

From Memory, the towers had 4 main purposes: Light and Cheap, Slowness assistance yet slightly pricey, Ranged and quite expensive, and Powerful and very expensive. When you would buy a tower its price would go up by two snow.

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1085393166443757642/1141058405755261078/IMG_5945.png (Prices are higher then normal because towers have been bought)