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Milk the Cow is an Arcade minigame on Mineplex that was released on September 15th, 2013. In Milk the Cow, Farmers had to milk as many cows as possible and proceed to drink the milk, while AI and player-controlled cows had to stop the Farmers from doing so by attacking them. The game was removed, but it was re-released in the 2020 Halloween update.

Aim of the game[]

Farmers - Be the first to drink 15 buckets of milk collected from cows.

Cows - Prevent the farmers from milking you and/or your cows by attacking and killing them using special abilities.

How to play[]

A few players (usually two or three) will become Angry Cows, and the rest of the players will be farmers.

When the time starts, farmers have to right click cows with their empty bucket to get milk from them. Then they will have to hold down right click to drink the milk, which takes a few seconds, similarly to the Vanilla version of Minecraft. Farmers can also right click the Mad Cows that are controlled by players to get milk. However, it is easier to take the milk from the program-controlled cows as they won't attack you. Farmers can double jump to avoid the player-cows.

The Angry Cows can use a variety of moves to attack the farmers. They can simply run into them to do a charge and send them flying backwards, or they can right click one of their tools in their hotbar to use a Cow Bomb or a Body Slam (correct move names if needed). If a Mad Cow succeeds in killing a farmer, that farmer will have the amount of milk they drank in the leaderboards decreased, so he will have to drink even more milk to reach the goal of 15 buckets.




Kit Offical Description Inventory Notes
  • Empty Bucket

The Angry Cows[]


Kit Official Description Inventory Special Abilities Notes
Angry Cow
  • Iron Axe
  • Iron Shovel
  • Leather
  • Cow Bomb-Right Click with Axe will throw a Baby Cow that explodes. Cooldown Time: 3 seconds
  • Seismic (Body) Slam-Right Click with Shovel to leap up in the air, then slam back to the ground, dealing large damage and knockback. Cooldown Time: 6 seconds
  • Bull Charge