This minigame is permanently unavailable.
Reason: Removed from server (no additional explanation given)
Successor: Not replaced
Date: April 2014

The official artwork for Minekart.
Minigame Type Classic
Status Removed
Teams Solo minigame
PvP Non-PvP minigame
Official Release Date July 11th, 2013
Date of Removal April 2014
Number of Players 10
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Unknown
Portal Representation Unknown
Server Tag Unknown

 Minekart is a removed minigame on Mineplex that was released on July 11th, 2013, when the BetterMC server merged with Mineplex. It was removed in April 2014. Based off of the Mario Kart series, players had to race around a track with an assortment of different "karts" in order to be the first to cross the finish line.

The official Minekart texture pack was released on July 4th, 2013, a week before the release of the minigame.

Summary Edit

Minekart is a game very similar to the popular Nintendo game series Mario Kart. It uses a custom resource pack to achieve an immersive feel.

At the beginning players could select any "kart", represented by an animal. All karts have different statistics that give them advantages and disadvantages. Any karts which are not free cost gems, but all can be unlocked with Ultra.

Different Karts (stats not included):

  • Blaze
  • Endermen
  • Iron Golem
  • Spider
  • Chicken
  • Cow
  • Wolf (Free)
  • Sheep (Free)
  • Pig (Free)

Each kart has a specific special ability, which is a rare item that only that kart may obtain. Examples of this are the "Super Sheep" item for Sheep which spawns an item similar to the blue shell, the "Stampede" for cow which releases a wave of cows that slows down karts, and "Blink" for enderman which teleports the user forward.

Playing the Game Edit

Minekart is regarded as a complicated game by many players.

Hold right click to steer/move forward (or the assigned block key)

Hold shift (or the assigned crouch key) to drift around corners

Press Q (or the assigned drop key) to use the current item

Speed is on the bottom of the screen, represented by the XP bar. Hitting walls, players and items will decrease that speed, and may bounce you in any direction as well.

Drifting can provide a boost when ended if held long enough. Most corners don't have the space for the maximum drift boost, so turning the cursor opposite of drift direction is recommended.

Maps Edit

The maps were organized in a order that made it like a tournament in Mariokart 64. Where a race occurred on a map and once the race ended a new race occured with a new map. This occured for 3 maps until the very end where the players were tp'ed into the Courtyard of Princess Peach's Castle (Minecraft replicated). This courtyard contained 3 pedestals which displayed top 3 racers of the game round. They were displayed riding their chosen kart. The Courtyard of the castle had some unexploreable areas such as inside the castle or in the castle moat.

Gameplay Edit

Some Videos of Minekart:

MineKart Mario Kart on MineCraft

MineKart Mario Kart on MineCraft


TaffyPlaysMC and a couple other YouTubers played Minekart. This was in 1.5.2 before the bugs were created.

MineKart No Mods Server! (Mario Kart Minecraft Map Minigame)

MineKart No Mods Server! (Mario Kart Minecraft Map Minigame)

SwimmingBird941 plays Minekart on 1.5.2, before the bugs.

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