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This minigame has been unavailable since 17th November, 2016.
The reason why is as follows: Unpopularity.

MC League, also known as Mineplex Competitive League was a competitive vanilla PVP game released by Mineplex on April 22, 2016, the game's purpose to be "the first step in bringing some new competitive games to Mineplex". Due to its unpopularity, it was removed on November 17, 2016.

Aim of the Game[]

Two teams of 5 will battle against each-other. First, they will need to collect Iron Ores and other useful resources, then their team would need to destroy the enemy team's three towers to win.

A major factor in the game is that wither skeletons can spawn. A wither skeleton will spawn every 90 seconds. If a player kills it, they will get a Wither Skull, and once their team collects three and place it on an altar, it will summon a Wither.

Alpha Iteration of ELO[]

Only for this game, the Alpha ELO will put all Mineplex players into six categories: Coal, Iron, Gold, Lapis, Emerald, and Diamond. In every category (excluding Diamond), you must pass through three levels in the category to move up to the next group.


There are lots of iron ores and coal ores scattered near the center. In the middle of the lava lake that separates the two teams there is two diamond ores above the lava. While coal ore will periodically respawn every 5 minutes, iron and diamond ore will respawn whenever a wither skeleton is killed.


The towers have a core which are end crystals that you hit to lower the towers health. The towers have to be destroyed in a certain order from First tower, (closest to the lava lake to the left) Second tower, (Roughly in the middle to the right) and the Third tower (Tallest tower, next to the spawn, near the left). The withers that you can summon (see next section) will attack the other team's towers and greatly lower their heath. The first tower has 500 health, the second tower has 1000 health, and the third tower has 1500 health. Whenever a tower is destroyed, each player on the team that lost the tower will have one piece of their leather armor turned into gold armor.

Wither Skeletons[]

2.5 minutes after the game starts, a Wither Skeleton dressed in iron armor (without the helmet) will spawn at the center of one of the two netherbrick bridges on either side of the map, notified by a black beacon. Every 1.5 minutes another wither skeleton will spawn, as long as there is no current living wither skeleton or wither. Killing this Wither Skeleton will result in your team getting a Wither Skull, although note that it can be stolen by the other team if the player holding the skull is killed. The player holding it is shown by a burst of firework particles above their head, in their team's color. If a team manages to gather three skulls and place them on their team's altar, a Wither for the team is spawned. Once the wither has been spawned in, the Wither Skeletons that drop heads will not respawn until the wither has been slayed by the opposing team. This wither will attack enemy players and towers, so getting a Wither may be crucial to winning the game. The wither deals 100 damage to towers, and when a player is hit by a wither, they will gain the poison status effect (The team that spawned the wither can also be hit by the wither).


After the game has reached 15 minutes and neither team has won, you will enter overtime, where your team's tower will lose 50 health every time you or one of your teammates are killed.


When you first spawn you will have full leather dyed with the color of your team and a stone sword, a stone pickaxe, and a map to display your teammates positions. When you die and respawn, you will keep your strongest melee weapon not including a diamond sword. You will also keep all armor that is equipped including diamond armor. You will also keep fishing rods and bows. You will keep half of all ore, ingots, and arrows you had upon death. Any other items you will drop upon death.


  • The official game logo was likely to be made by "Mudkipbubble" due to the fact that the logo url explicitly titles the picture as "withercrop_by_mudkipbubble"
  • On the Redwood map, it was possible to burn the spawn platform with flint and steel. However, this was bannable.

Achievements []

Achievement Name Achievement Description Gems Awarded
First Strike

Earn 30 first bloods

600 Gems
Head Hunter Grab 25 Wither Skulls 600 Gems

Altar Builder

Place 50 skulls on your teams altar 600 Gems
Mineplex Champion Win 25 games 900 Gems
Tower Defender Get a double kill in your first active tower 900 Gems
Saving Up Craft a Diamond Chest Plate 900 Gems


  • Official feedback thread [1]