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The Wiki Archive is a collection of miscellaneous content related to Mineplex, preserved for historical interest.

Mineplex Newsletters[]

Created by the Newsletter Program team, the Mineplex Newsletter is a document published each month. Since its first release in 2015, over 90 issues have been presented, detailing current happenings and events around the Mineplex community. As the articles are written and edited by volunteers, the archive below provides a look into the server's past from a player perspective.

Note: Newsletter #3, released in August 2015, could not be retrieved.

List of archived pages[]

Archived pages were previously in use, but have become obsolete or irrelevant.

This section serves as a list of all archived articles. Please note that these pages are preserved primarily for historical interest. Policies and content contained within may be out-dated, and we strongly discourage you from editing them unless major flaws need to be addressed.

Staff members[]

The staff pages project was started in 2019, and has shown to become highly inconvenient to keep up to date. Additionally, a majority of the articles only contained the staff member's name and rank. As such, most of the articles' content was not notable. An agreement was reached by archiving all pages of former staff members, since their relevancy is doubtful.

Later that year, the project was fully shut down for the reasons above, following an announcement in September. All remaining staff pages were then archived, excluding non-voluntary staff members (above Admin rank).

Note: As the project was never finished, the list of staff members is in no way meant to be complete.

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