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Being a Moderator grants the player more tools to maintain order on Mineplex than a Trainee has; they have the ability to punish rule-breakers for severity 1, 2, 3, and 4 offences. They also no longer require evidence for most punishments.

Moderators get things such as teleportation (useful in lobbies), all punishment severities, the option to apply for more sub-teams, the permissions to handle in-game reports and a lot more.

In order for a Moderator to become a Senior Moderator, they often must be promoted from a respected sub-team. For example, to become a member of Staff Management, you usually must first become a Mentoring Assistant. Other times, they can apply for the senior mod team if applications open.

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List of Moderators

A list of all Moderators can be found on the official Mineplex website staff list