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Monster Maze is an Arcade minigame on Mineplex that was released on October 15th, 2015. In Monster Maze, players must navigate through a maze filled with enemies to reach the beacon safe zones.

The minigame, a popular community idea created by players Wurp and Rythen, was originally known as Snow Sprint and was based off of the Snowman maze in the 2014 Christmas Chaos minigame. When their idea was accepted, the name was changed to Monster Maze in order to allow a greater variety of enemies beyond snow- and Christmas-themed mobs.


Players spawn on a platform in the centre of the map, designated by green clay. When Monster Maze begins, players are given a total of ten seconds to orient themselves to the map. After, the walls around the players fall and the players all try to reach the first safe zone. In each round, a safe zone will randomly appear on the map, marked by a 3x3 square of green clay and a beacon. After a round is over, when the new safe zone spawns, the beacon from the previous safe zone will disappear, and the safe zone will begin to disintegrate.

Different mobs (varies each map) wander randomly around the map and travel at slow speed. Upon contact with a mob the player will take a great deal of knockback, and 2 damage points (1 heart) which they cannot regenerate from, except for players using the Body Builder kit.

There is a known "exploit" during normal gameplay involving spamming jump while running to go faster. This glitch is not punishable, as it is regular behaviour in Minecraft.



Kit Description Special ability Requirement
Jumper You have springs attached to your feet! Bouncy... bouncy... bouncy... You can jump five times. Free
Body Builder Your health just keeps getting better! Your max health increases by one heart when you are the first to a safe pad. Maximum of 15 hearts. 2000 Gems
Snowballer Slow enemies so they can't get to their Safe Pad in time! Receive one snowball every 2.0 seconds. Maximum of 16. 4000 Gems
Repulsor You love to watch monsters fly away... Caw... Click with coal to use repulse. Earn all achievements



The list below shows the maximum sum of Gems a player may earn at any given time without any boosters of any sort. Gem earnings are rounded down and sorted alphabetically, excluding variables.

Gems Reason


See also: Achievements#Mineplex Level


Achievement Requirement Reward
Maze Master Win 40 games of Monster Maze 1200 gems
Hard Mode Win a game without using any kit abilities 1000 gems
Ninja Win a game without touching a monster 1200 gems
Speedy McGee Be the first to the Safe Pad 50 times 1000 gems
Die Already! Survive pass the 10th Safe Pad 1200 gems
Pilot Get hit by a monster and land on the Safe Pad 800 gems


September 8th, 2016[]

  • [Added] Monster Maze is now officially released.

October 15th, 2015 - Monster Maze Beta[]

April 14th, 2015[]

  • [Changed] Snow Sprint idea accepted by Dooskee.

December 26th, 2014[]

  • [Added] Snow Sprint idea posted.

Snow Sprint[]

Snow Sprint logo

Logo before the game was renamed to Monster Maze.

Snow Sprint was the initial idea which resulted in the creation of Monster Maze. It was suggested by forum users Wurp and Rythen, and is one of only few Mineplex games that were implemented based on a community suggestion.

While Snow Sprint was never implemented as envisioned by the creators, the following shows the features, kits, maps and achievements originally proposed.

Differences between Snow Sprint and Monster Maze[]

Context Snow Sprint Monster Maze
The maze. The maze is a platform with a single block of width and no walls. The maze is walled off on the sides.
After the initial ten seconds. A snowman encased by ice at the center of the map is released. The walls of the maze drop down.
During the round. Every five to ten seconds, a new snowman spawns at the center of the map. More mobs spawn at the edges of the map as the game goes on.
The goal of the round. The winner is determined by the player that stays alive the longest. Players must reach the beacons around the map.


Kit Inventory Special ability Requirement
Hyper 3 units of sugar Sugar Rush - Player receives Speed buff for 2-3 seconds when pressing the Use Item/Place Block key with sugar equipped. Free
Jumper None Jump - Player can jump a maximum of 3 times before jump is disabled. 4000 Gems
Intervention Snowballs Throw Snowball - Player can throw snowballs at enemy players. Upon contact, target receives Slowness II debuff for one second. Receive 1 snowball every 5 seconds; maximum unknown. 5000 Gems
Fazer 3 ender pearls Confuse - Player can throw ender pearls at snowmen. Upon contact, target reverses direction for a few seconds. 6000 Gems
Blink 3 eyes of ender Intangibility - Player receives Invisibility buff for 3 seconds when pressing the Use Item/Place Block key with eyes of ender equipped. While in this state, all snowmen phase through the player. Unlock all Snow Sprint achievements.



Gems Reason
0.25x x seconds survived
25/12/8/5 1st/2nd/3rd/4th-16th place'
10 Participation


Achievement Requirement Reward
Snow King Win 100 Snow Sprint games. TBD
Sugar Rush Win 50 games using the Hyper kit. TBD
Can't Touch This Survive for 3 minutes. TBD
Go Away Hit 500 snowmen with ender pearls with the Fazer kit. TBD
Slow N' Steady Win a game without sprinting. TBD
Snow Sprint Master Acheivement Unlock all Snow Sprint achievements. Blink kit.

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