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Why walk when you can ride? Summon fancy mounts to help you move in style.
Iron Horse Armor
The icon for the Mounts submenu.
Code None
Function Cosmetic
Used in Main Lobby and Waiting Lobby

Mounts are a Cosmetic item that can be found in the Cosmetic Menu. It is represented by Iron Horse Armor. Mounts let you ride on something, which in turn offers new abilities. Mounts can be bought with Treasure Shards or found in Treasure Chests, or received after a certain holiday event.

There is currently one mount that is exclusive to the Hero rank and one exclusive to the Titan rank.

List of Available Mounts Edit

Mount Official description Description Icon Special abilities Requirements Notes
Infernal Horror The most ghastly horse in existance [sic], from the pits of the Nether. Skeleton Horse Bone None 20,000 Treasure Shards
Glacial Steed Born in the North Pole, it leaves a trail of frost as it moves! White Horse Snowball Emits snow particles. 15,000 Treasure Shards
Mule Muley muley! Mule Hay Bale None 3000 Treasure Shards
Ethereal Dragon From the distant ether [sic] realm, this prized dragon is said to obey only true Heroes! Ender Dragon Dragon Egg Flight and growl sound effects. Hero Rank Related: Ethereal Pearls
Slime Bounce around on your very own slime friend! Slime Slimeball Bounces around. 15,000 Treasure Shards
Minecart Cruise around town in your shiny new Minecart RX Turbo! Minecart Minecart Can latch onto rails. Cannot climb blocks. 15,000 Treasure Shards Possibly a relic of Minekart.
Spider Mount Why ride a horse when you can ride a cute and cuddly spider! Spider Cobweb Look Up to use Wall Climb. Jump to use Leap. Purchased at [1] for $9.99. Is available for a limited time.
Decrepit Warhorse Once a fierce warhorse, this undead beast will send fear into the hearts of your enemies. Zombie Horse Rotten Flesh None Defeat the Pumpkin King in the 2015 Halloween Horror Event.
Molten Snake Deep under the Earth's surface, there exists a mythical species of Molten Snakes. This one will serve you eternally. Magma Cube with a Netherrack trail. Magma Cream Flight Unlocked with Titan rank.
Baby Reindeer One of Santa's baby reindeers. He's still learning how to fly... Baby Horse (Tan color) Golden Carrot None Found in Winter Holiday Treasure.
Loving Sheeples This symbol of love will live on with you forever! Mainly because we couldn't attach the cupid wings to it. I guess duct tape can't fix everything! Sheep changing its wool color between red, magenta and pink. Pink Wool None Give Polly the Pink Sheep Love Potions.
Freedom Mount The British might be coming, but with this impressive mount you have nothing to fear. White Horse (Wearing diamond armor) Firework Emits red, white, and blue Particles from feet. Found in Freedom Chests.
Nightmare Steed The Nightmare Steed comes in the darkness of the night, the fires of the underwood still trailing from its hooves Black Horse Black Wool Emits black particles Found in Haunted Treasure
Cake Mount The Lie A Cake Cake Very fast Found in Thankful Treasure
Chicken Mount This isn't flying! This is falling with style![Note 1] A Chicken Feather Left click to Bawk Found in Thankful Treasure See Notes
Love Train Woo Woo! All aboard! A group of floating hearts Pink Wool None Found in Love Treasure
Pumpkin Mount One of Pumpkin King's flying minions Flying Pumpkin Jack o' Lantern Has flame particles around Defeat the Pumpkin King in 2017 Halloween Horror Event Can be also get by defeating Pumpkin Prince in 2017 Pumpkin's Revenge
Rainbow Horse You know the Cow that jumped over the Moon? Total show off. White Horse (Wearing golden armor) Cauldron Emits particle in all rainbow colors in order. Found in St Patrick's Day Treasure
  1. A reference to Buzz in Toy Story.