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This minigame is limited to Mineplex Event Servers since Unknown.
The reason why is as follows: Exclusively created for events.. For the successor to this minigame, see 'None'.

One in the Quiver Teams, most frequently known as OITQ Teams, is an event-exclusive game on Mineplex. It is a team variation of OITQ.


Since the game is event-exclusive, the player count may vary between 10 and 100 players, therefore, the game time can range from 1 minute to up to 10 minutes.

All players are split up into 4 teams, which are Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. The objective of the game is to be on the first team to get 100 kills on other players.

On the right is a scoreboard, showing the amount of kill each team has, and also displaying the kill objective of the game.

Players can use their bows to kill others with one arrow hit, or their swords for regular fighting, though they are only able to kill enemies, and no one on their team. For every kill, they are given an arrow and the team kill counter increases.


The kits used are the same as in the regular One in the Quiver, without the Enchanter, Slam Shooter and Ninja.

Kit Official Description Melee Weapon Special Ability Requirement

Evade and kill using your double jump!

Stone Sword (Formerly Iron Axe) Double Jump - Tap the Jump key twice in quick succession to propel the player forward in the direction they are looking. Free
Brawler Missed your arrow? Not a big deal. Iron Sword Strength - Deal 1 extra damage by having an iron sword. 2000 Gems



  • When the game was created, there were only 3 kits in OITQ. They have never included the Slam Shooter or the Ninja due to the fact the game never was updated.
    • However, the Enchanter was removed on purpose since in games with over 80 players it would overwhelm the other players with the possible count of arrows.
  • The only map added on the rotation, Ruins, was replaced with Ruins 2.0 on the June Map Update 2016 and added to the regular OITQ map rotation.
    • This is the only game where you can still play on this map.