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PE Particle Effects
Particle Effects
Nether Star
The icon for the Particle Effects submenu.
Code None
Function Cosmetic
Used in Main Lobby, Waiting Lobby, and Games
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Show everyone how cool you are with swirly particles that follow you when you walk!

Particle Effects is a category of cosmetics of the Cosmetic Menu. It is represented by a Nether Star.


Particle Effects, when activated, will add particles around the player. Particles are found only in Treasure Chests, at Carl's Spinner or are acquired with the purchase of ranks.

This is, along with Arrow Trails, Double Jump Effects, Death AnimationsWin Effects and Taunts the only cosmetic item that can be used in games.

All Particle Effects are Rare or Legendary finds, based on the rarity ratings for Treasure Chests.

List of Particle Effects Edit

Regular Particle EffectsEdit

These Effects are obtainable in every chest and are available at Carl's Spinner.

Particle Effect Official description Special ability Requirements Set
Shadow Walk In a world where footprints do not exist, leaving your shadow behind is the next best thing! Leaves a trail of footprint shadows, as well as smoke particles behind you. Found in Treasure Chests. Shadow
Flame Rings Forged from the blazing rods of 1000 Blazes by the infamous Nether King. Spawns two intersecting rings of torch flame particles around you. Found in Treasure Chests None
Flame Fairy HEY! LISTEN! HEY! LISTEN! HEY! LISTEN![Notes 1] Spawns torch flame particles which fly around you, leaving a trail of lava particles behind, and making a "Water touches lava"/Redstone noise. Found in Treasure Chests None
Party Time It is PARTY TIME! Spawns confetti-like colored particles around you. Found in Treasure Chests Party
Emerald Twirl With these sparkles, you can now sparkle while you sparkle with CaptainSparklez. Spawns green villager Trade particles around you which escalate upwards, similar to the Flame Fairy particles. Found in Treasure Chests Emerald
Demon Wings "I'm just excited to see my Lord and Savior Baphomet represented in such glorious Italian stone." Spawns small smoke particles behind you in a wing shape. Found in Treasure Chests None
Enchanted The wisdom of the universe suddenly finds you extremely attractive, and wants to 'enchant' you. Particles of an enchantment table spawn around you and move into your body. Found in Treasure Chests Wisdom
Rain Cloud Bring your sadness wherever you go, with your very own portable rain cloud! Spawns cloud particles on top of you, and rains down water particles. Found in Treasure Chests Howling Winds
Blood Helix Blood magic is very dangerous... but also very cool! Spawns two escalating spirals of Redstone particles around you. Found in Treasure Chests The Vampire 2000
Music ♫ Don't stop the beat! Can't control my feet! ♫ Spawns Note Particles around you. Found in Treasure Chests Ultimate Music Collection
Angel Wings Sprout wings like your favorite archangel! Spawns white and yellow particles behind you in a wing shape. Found in Treasure Chests None
Infernal Wings "I didn't take your mail Mrs. Pemberton! Stop asking me that. Leave me alone! I don't know. Satan's pretty cool!" Spawns red, yellow and orange particles behind you in a wing shape. Found in Treasure Chests None
Pixie Wings Most kinds of pixies steal coins from weary travelers, but this kind just looks fabulous. Spawns cyan and pink particles behind you in a wing shape. Found in Treasure Chests None
Yin and Yang Achieve the balance of the universe and watch it spin beneath your feet. Spawns a Yin and Yang symbol-like shape with white and black particles. Found in Treasure Chests None

Special Particle EffectsEdit

These Particles are found only in special chests, acquired by purchasing a rank, or limited to staff members.

Particle effect Official description Special abilities Requirements Set
Legendary Aura Legendary energy protects you! Spawns pillars of green/black particles that slowly circle around the player. Unlocked with Legend rank None
Wind of the Frost Lord He's not passing wind, okay? HE HAS A CONDITION! Snow particles swirl up from the player's head, then explodes. Purchased at at Christmas Event and found in Winter Holiday Treasure and Omega Chests. Frost Lord
Flame of the Titans These flames are said to be the spirit of a Titan. Flame particles spawn and travel inwards toward the player in a three-leafed flower-esque pattern. Unlocked with Titan rank The Titans
Crushed Candy Cane There's no such thing as too much Christmas Candy. Don't listen to your dentist. Spawns a batch of red and white wool-breaking particles which swirl around the player. Found in Winter Holiday Treasure and Omega Chests. Candy Cane
Coal Fumes Being on the Naughty List does have some perks... If you love coal, that is... Spawns hundreds of black smoke particles which surround the player. Found by right-clicking while holding 1,000 Coal Gadget. None
Cupid's Love Share the love you feel in your heart with everybody near you! Spawns animal breeding particles around you. Found in Treasure Chests and Valentines Gift. Lovely!
Freedom Aura Do you hear that? It's the sound of Freedom swirling around you. Spawns red, white, blue, and grey particles around the player in a mini-firework manner. Found in 2016 Freedom Chests and Omega Chests. None
Holiday Tree There's nothing like a well decorated tree to bring in the Holiday Spirit. Spawns dark-green, yellow and red particles in the shape of a christmas tree, with the player in middle Found in Gingerbread Chests None
Love Wings Sometimes Love just makes you want to fly. Spawns a pair of pink-white wings in the shape of a heart behind the player. Found in Love Chests. None
Bumblebee's Wings Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee with these new spring wings! Spawns a pair of black and yellow wings behind the player. Monthly Power Play Club reward for April 2017  None
Spring Halo Spring is everywhere if you look hard enough. Spawns a halo of purple/blue/yellow particle above your head along with a flower on your head. When you walk, flowers spawn behind you. Found in Spring Chests. Spring
King Hail to the King! Spawns a halo of flame particle above the player, along with a particle cape behind the player. The cape is red, with white outlines.

The player can also right-click other players to add them to their kingdom. The player with the most players in a kingdom (in the lobby) can get inside the small castle on the side of the spawn plaza.

Monthly Power Play Club reward for May 2017  None
Freedom Fireworks Keep your patriotism close. Red, white and blue particles explode around the player's head in a firework-like manner. Found in 2017 Freedom Chests. None
Star Spangled Stripe Blaze a trail of freedom! A trail of blue particles with two stripes of firework particles resembling the US flag follows you as you walk. Found in 2017 Freedom Chests. Freedom
Aura of Niceness Canadians are always nice online. Roses appear around the player in puffs of red-white smoke, following the player. Found in 2017 Freedom Chests. None
Canadian Trail Lead the way to freedom! A trail of red-white particles resembling the Canadian flag follows you as you walk. Found in 2017 Freedom Chests Canadian
Creates rainbow and smoke particles around the player. It can be seen in start and end (better at end) of ParkerGames's Rejected Minigames [1] Can be /set by owners.
Pumpkin Shield You extert a eerie aura around you... Varies in lobby and in game. In lobby 3 pumpkins Are circling player with Witch particles. In games you spawn flame particles and lava particles around you when you stand From defeating Pumpkin King in 2017 Chrismas Chaos II None

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  1. A reference to Navi, a fairy character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and one of her frequent lines.