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The current Quality Assurance forum tag.

Quality Assurance forum tag (current)
Classic QA

Previous Quality Assurance tags

The Quality Assurance (QA) team is responsible for testing unreleased updates, answering bug reports, GWEN Appeals and brainstorming balance changes. They work closely with Developers and the Game Insights team. New members are chosen periodically from the Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) team. The quality assurance team is the only team that has immortal rank perks.

Community QA[]

As of the 1st of June 2019, a subdivision of QA was created which allows community QAT members become full QA members. Community QA (cQA) was recreated in recognition of the efforts that Timmi6790 had put in as a QAT member. Current QAT members are eligible for the position at the discretion of the QAMs.

cQA members have the same responsibilities and access to information as staff QA members (including GWEN access), however, are unable to issue punishments on the live server.

cQA previously existed throughout 2016/2017 as Pocket Edition QA (PEQA), back when the Bedrock (then PE) server was still new. The role was later abolished after all members had either joined the staff team or resigned.

Team Management[]

The QA team has a unique structure compared to that of other teams, in that management is comprised of a 'council' of managers, with each manager holding equal responsibility for the team.

Quality Assurance Managers (QAMs) are invited by the team leads to the position. Responsibilities include;

  • Overseeing the QA and QAT teams (monitoring activity, discipline and team invitations)
  • Planning and execution of testings with the development team
  • Creating feedback reports for development
  • Coordinating miscellaneous QA-related projects

Currently no one is on QAM but the team is run by [undetermined].


A list of members can be found here.