Unfortunately, given a community as large a Mineplex's, there will always be players that break the rules without staff around to see it. Players can do their part by reporting them to the staff, and getting them dealt with so that they won't be able to ruin the experience for other people again. While reporting won't greatly increase your odds of becoming Trainee, it displays your ability to recognize rule breakers and your willingness to go out of your way to make sure that they're dealt with.


  • You can submit forum reports here. Please follow the report guide while doing so.
  • Alternatively, you can use report in game (providing you have Hero rank, or above). The command is '/report <offender> <offence>'. You will then have to chose a type of offence (hacking, chat or gameplay).
  • You can create clans reports here.

Reporting PlayersEdit

Please note that reports against players posted on this page will be deleted without warning.
This is not the correct place to report.

When you are reporting players, you must first get evidence. Evidence requirements vary based on the offense you are reporting for. Chat offenses only require a screenshot for sufficiency. Most gameplay offenses require video recording (Teaming, Trolling, etc), but there are some where you only need a screenshot (mainly Inappropriate Skin/Username). Regardless, video evidence will increase the chances of your report being accepted in almost all situations in terms of gameplay offenses. All hacking-based offenses require video evidence in order to better ensure that said player is hacking. This is for all hacks no matter the severity.

The next thing you need to do is go to the Reports section of the Mineplex Forums. If you are not already signed in, you need to sign in. When you are in the Reports section, a form will appear containing the following categories: Name of the offender, Name of the offense, evidence, additional infos. Fill it in accordingly and click submit to send the report. You don't have to fill in the 'Additional info' section, however all other sections are mandatory.

There are no official guidelines for titling your report. However, including the offense(s) and/or the username(s) of the player(s) can often help staff members and speed up the process. It is also requested by the Reports Patrol that you spell the offender's username correctly in the report text to avoid problems during the appeal process. Having timestamps in the report if the evidence is over a minute long is required.

Once you post your thread, then you will need to wait for a member of the Reports team to answer your report, wherein they will tell you what has happened (denied, accepted, forwarded, etc.) regarding the evidence you submitted. If you disagree with their decision, you can always PM them. If that doesn't go anywhere, you can contact Wanderer, the lead of the Reports teams.

Extra Information Edit

Seek more information about submitting a report here: Reports Format [Official], as well as the official Clans report guide.

Don't know how to upload photos? Find out more here: Having Trouble Uploading Images?

If you have proof of a staff member abusing, you should submit a report with evidence via support ticket. It is now requested that you do not upload such evidence to the Reports sections.

Reports on in-game offenses are handled by users with either the Reports Patrol or Reports Patrol Assistance tag (Sr. Mods are RPA, whilst Mods are RP). They may also forward reports on particular things to other teams. Forum Ninjas and Forum Moderators are responsible for handling all reports on forum offenses. Dubtrack reports are handled by the leaders of the Music Sharing Management Team. TeamSpeak reports are generally rejected because there is no way to track users effectively, and they would likely have changed their name by that point.

If you are seen breaking the rules in your own report, you will still be punished, under a self-report. Your punishment reason will contain [Self-Report] / [SR]. Even if it wasn't you that was breaking the rules in the evidence, the reporter (unless otherwise identifiable in the evidence) will be punished.

All punishments issued off reports contain [FR] at the end, self-reports excepted.

Reports Teams Edit

Reports patrol tag

There are three teams that are responsible for handling reports. The first is the Reports Patrol (RP). This is a subteam comprised of Trainees and Moderators whose job is to clear the reports from the reports section and issue punishments from them. Members of this team can be identified by the 'RP' sub-team tag, which can be seen on the right hand side.

RPA tag

There is also the Reports Patrol Assistance (RPA) subteam. This subteam is comprised of Senior Moderators, generally those who were on Reports Patrol before being promoted. Their duties are the exact same as those of the general Reports Patrol team, to clear reports and punish from them. However, they do not have the same quota requirements since they have a larger workload within their Senior Moderator team.

Rpc tag

Members of this team can be identified by the 'RPA' sub-team tag, which can be seen on the right hand side.

There is also the Reports Patrol Clans (RPC) subteam. This subteam is comprised of Clans Management and Clans Management assistance members who were selected to handle Clans reports. However, Clans Management members who are a part of RPA and not RPC may process Clans reports. Members of this team can be identified by the 'RPC' sub-team tag, which can be seen on the right hand side

The teams are all managed by the Forum Ninjas, who, in conjunction with Forum Moderators, are responsible for clearing the forum-based offences, and are responsible for providing some oversight on the RP/RPA members. The reports patrol team is led by Wanderer, who is an incredibly dedicated Forum Ninja who works closely with the forums admin, Jarvis.