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Reports Patrol is a sub-team for Mineplex Moderators.

It allows staff to view and answer reports on the forums as they have the correct training to do so. Though, the Reports Patrol tag is only given to Trainees and Moderators. To join RP, staff members have to apply (applications open all the time) and will be put on a waitlist. Along with having this tag, they all have an RP mentor. RP Mentors are picked from the RP Member Java Group. The current Mentors are FairestLordHarry, Arjun & Marzie.

Senior Moderators can also be a part of the Reports Patrol Team, however they are given a different tag, called Reports Patrol Assistance. Reports Patrol Assistance members are Monitored by FairestLordHarry.

Reports Patrol

Old RP tag (before the big 'subteam tag' edit)

Clans Management and Clans Management Assistance Members are able to join the RPC (Reports Patrol Clans) team through an application, and are only able to process reports posted in the "Clans Reports" section of the Reports section.

RPC members are monitored by FairestLordHarry, and their stats are passed on to the Clans Management Lead monthly.


The current RP / RPA / RPC lead is FairestLordHarry and chhase oversees it.

RPA award

Current RPA forum award.

A list of members can be found here.

RPC award

Current RPC forum award.