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Runner is an Arcade minigame that was released to Mineplex on an unknown date. Runner is a fast-paced minigame where blocks fall when you walk or run over them, so you have to keep running. Currently, Runner is only playable at Mixed Arcade or at Mineplex Player Servers.


In Runner, you spawn on the top of a map, with it usually having multiple layers. As the game starts, block will decay under your feet and fall after a second of decaying, forcing you to run around. This will slowly destroy the map, forcing the players to use their abilities and parkour skills to survive. There are multiple layers to walk on in most maps, so you may get a "second chance" to keep playing after you've fallen a level.

As you walk over blocks, they don't disappear; instead, they fall down, either into the deadly thing below, or on another layer, where they disappear. However, the blocks deal damage when they fall on your head, so people who fall a layer down need to watch their heads too!

There are multiple ways to die: you can be hit by a falling block dislodged by a player in the level above you, you can fall off into the Void, water, lava, or anything that kills the player when they die and you can die by fall damage. The last player alive wins the game.

Due to a glitch, you can sometimes take damage from falling blocks as you walk on them.



Kit name Official Description Gem Cost Special Abilities
Jumper "Leap to avoid falling to your death!" Free Leaper - Right-clicking your Iron Axe lets you take a large jump in the direction you look.
Archer "Fire arrows to cause blocks to fall!" 2000 Gems Quickshot - Left-click your Bow to instantly fire an arrow that breaks a radius of blocks where it lands. Quickshot has a recharge time of 6 seconds.
Frosty "Slow enemies to send them to their death!" 5000 Gems Frost Balls - You receive 1 snowball every 0.5 seconds that can be thrown at other players to slow them down. Maximum of 16.


  • Hot Feet - Win 50 games of Runner
  • Marathon Runner - Run over 20,000 blocks