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The in-game description when hovering over the SR.MOD prefix.

Tag srmod

The current Senior Moderator forum tag.

Senior Moderator forum tag (current)

The previous Senior Moderator forum tags.

Senior Moderator forum tag (classic)

The classic Senior Moderator forum tag.

Snr Mod

The current Senior Moderator chat tag.

Senior Moderator, abbreviated as Senior Mod or, more frequently, Sr. Mod, is a staff rank introduced on July 18th, 2014 in The Great Restructure. Senior Moderators are almost identical to Moderators, only that Senior Moderators are split into eight teams which specialize in maintaining and helping a specific sector of Mineplex.

To achieve the Senior Moderator rank, one must be a Moderator and have shown an exceptional job at doing what they do, and when a position is open, they may apply to a team of their interest. Alternatively, leaders of said teams may recruit members with no application necessary. Depending on the team they oversee, Admins will review the applicants and choose who is best for the role. Once achieved, the player earns the orange (formerly silver) SR MOD tag. On forums, they will also receive the tag of their respective team on the forums. In exceptional cases, a community member may be apart of one senior mod team: Quality Assurance. You can join this team as a community member after showing substantial dedication as a member of QAT.

List of Senior Moderators teams[]

Current teams[]

Tag clans
Tag com3
Tag forum management
Tag staffm
Tag recruit
Tag qa
Tag sm

There are currently 6 Senior Moderator teams. To join one of these and become a Sr Mod, a mod has to be invited by the team Admin or submit an application, when open. Invitations are provided solely at the discretion of each team's Admin.

Former teams[]

Tag event

Rules Committee[]

23 1486400038l

RC Tag

The Rules Committee (RC) is a Mod+ sub team. The Rules Committee members are in charge of creating or updating rules and adapting them to make them as relevant as possible. They also are in charge of enforcing punishments for inappropriate names. The team is led by Toki.


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