This minigame is limited to being played exclusively on Mineplex Community Servers.
Reason: Removed as part of the Java Restructure due to unpopularity/lack of potential/inaccessibility
Successor: Not replaced
Date: February 23rd, 2018

The official image associated with Skyfall on the homepage
Minigame Type Classic
Status Limited
Teams Team minigame
PvP PvP minigame
Beta Release Date September 22, 2016
Official Release Date April 13th, 2017
Number of Players 16
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Bow
Portal Representation Enderman
Server Tag SF-#
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Skyfall is a Free-for-All Classic minigame game mode released onto Mineplex on September 22, 2016. In this game, players battle on a series of sky islands and fly around with an Elytra. The game has been removed and can now only be found on community servers.

Aim of the gameEdit

Be the last one standing out of the 16 players, achieved by killing all the others.


The gameplay is similar to Survival Games.

Once the game starts players spawn on a large circle of blocks in midair. After the countdown is up, the blocks disappear and players drop down. Players have to fly using their elytra and land on islands, where they can collect items from chests. Among these items are weapons, food, armor pieces, ingots and gems, sticks (for crafting), fishing rods, Throwing TNT and more. Chestplates aren't available, due to the chestplate slot taken up by the Elytra. Players are left to kill each other.

There are three main islands, with the rest scattered around. The first island is under the glass spawnpoints, and has a large Booster Ring in the middle (explained below). The second island is below the first one and is a ring too, and the last one is below everything. The bottom island has no rings in the middle, but there are a few ones around and below it for getting back up after getting pushed off. 

Booster RingsEdit

Booster Rings are rings made out of yellow clay that float around the map. When a player flies through one with the Elytra, the ring boosts them in the direction which they are looking. Afterwards, the rings is unusable for 20 seconds, which is signified by the fact that the ring is red and slowly turns yellower every second.

Supply DropEdit

Similarly to Survival Games, this game features Supply Drops. After number minutes pass, the supply drop appears in the air, and falls through the rings of the upper two middle islands and lands on the bottom one. Supply drops contain iron and diamond gear.

Chest RefillsEdit

Every number minutes, the chests on the middle islands refill. This is done to refill, and to bring players to one island and PvP.




Gem RewardsEdit





  • The game lobbies were removed in the 'Major Update' of February 23rd, 2018 mainly due to unpopularity (games rarely started).