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Sneaky Assassins is an Arcade minigame game on Mineplex that lasts about 10-15 minutes.


Sneaky Assassins is a game revolving around assassination and stealth, as the name implies.

All players are disguised as villagers and are released into a map filled with NPC villagers.

Every so often, the players will be revealed, with only actual villagers keeping their form. The players will look like they normally do, complete with armor. After a short time like this, all players will look like villagers again, until they are revealed again. During a player reveal, it is a good idea to get out of the open, into an alleyway or behind something to

Sneaky Assasins in-game image

In-game image of Sneaky Assasins

not be seen you. Crouching is also recommended.

Powerups spawn randomly around the map in a similar fashion to the Survival Games' Supply Drop. The beacons on which they spawn shoot fireworks. These power-ups can be activated by touching the floating diamond chest plate and helmet once the firework comes all the way down, and give boosts to weapons/armor. (Side Note: Since players usually gather around the point where a power-up will spawn, there is a higher probability that simply hitting everything around you will reveal an assassin.) However, doing so is very likely to reveal your position, so use this tactic with caution.  

When a player receives 5 power-ups in total, they become a "Master Assassin" and obtain a compass which can be used to find the nearest Assassin. 

Players are encouraged to imitate villager movement in an effort to stay hidden to other players. Players have a sword that can be used to kill villagers, and there is no penalty to killing random villagers except for giving away your existence to other nearby players. The reward for killing a player is one extra smoke bomb and one extra heart.

The winner of the game is the last living player.

Smoke Bombs[]

Smoke bombs are represented by Ink sacks in a player's inventory. When used, they will blind all nearby players and make the user invisible for approximately 0.5 seconds. These are commonly used to escape enemy player attacks.There are three ways to obtain smoke bombs; the first of these is killing players, the second is getting powerups, and the final way is simply starting out with them.


Amount of Powerups Inventory Armor
1 Stone Sword replaces Wooden Sword 3.5 (Chain Boots replaces Leather Boots)
2 Gold Sword replaces Stone Sword 5.5 (Chain Chestplate replaces Leather Tunic, Chain Leggings replaces Leather Pants)
3 Iron Sword replaces Gold Sword 5.5
4 Diamond Sword replaces Iron Sword 6.0 (Chain Helmet replaces Leather Cap)
5 Gains a tracking compass that points to the nearest player 6.0



Kit Official Description Inventory Special Abilities Cost
Escape Artist
  • Wooden Sword
  • Full Leather Armor
  • 3 Smoke Bombs
N/A Free
Ranged Assassin
  • Wooden Sword
  • Bow
  • 32 Arrows
  • Full Leather Armor
  • 1 Smoke Bomb
N/A 2000 Gems
  • Wooden Sword
  • Full Leather Armor
  • 1 Smoke Bomb
  • 3 Revealers
Revealers are Diamonds that when used revealers all players in small area with blue firework particles 5000 Gems
  • Wooden Sword
  • Full Leather Armor
  • 4 Emeralds
  • 1 Smoke Bomb
Emerald can be given to villagers NPCs which will then search and attack players Acheivement Kit


  • If you have not paid attention to the way villagers move, they hold their head in one position. The only reason they move their head up and down is to look directly at a player. So if you see an entity that is constantly holding their head at an abnormal angle, that is a player.
  • Players are advised to avoid jumping and sprint-jumping in the open, since villagers do not act that way. If a player is sprinting, then particles from the ground will move under their feet, something that heavily distinguishes players from normal NPCs.
  • Players make a different sound when hit.
  • Once a villager stops walking, they usually go in a different direction. Players are advised to do so as well.



Requirements Reward

Master's Master

Kill a master assassin with no power-ups. 700



Kill 200 NPCs 600


Master Assassin

Get Master Assassin 10 times 600


I see you

Reveal 50 players 800


So so sneaky

Win 50 games 600